EPSoft Technologies Leads Charge in Robotic Process Automation, Accelerates Enterprise Productivity

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Dallas-Based Software Company Elevates Human Potential with Smart Software Tools & Big Data Management Services

DALLAS –(BUSINESS WIRE)–EPSoft Technologies, a global provider of smart software solutions, today announced the availability of its enterprise automation platform, which combines robotic process automation (RPA) tools and big data management services to boost efficiency and employee satisfaction in companies across the business spectrum.

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EPSoft™ helps organizations identify simple and complex end-to-end processes that stand to benefit from RPA, then implements its intelligent EZBot® software solutions to streamline operational efficiency. By automating tasks better suited to ‘bots’ – namely, those that are repetitive, time-consuming, or prone to human error – employees are freed up to focus on more fulfilling, higher-value work. Employees save time and effort through their ability to access and control multiple processes from one console, while the bots are designed to be scalable, quick to deploy, and easy to use, with a straightforward drag-and-drop interface.

Because the EPSoft™ platform integrates seamlessly into legacy systems such as IBM mainframes, Oracle and SAP, organizations don’t need to worry about wasting their investments on past technology, or about future breakdowns resulting from disparate systems,” says Gopal Parvathaneni, CEO of EPSoft™ Technologies.

“We eliminate those headaches by providing organizations with a platform that’s cost-effective and extremely intuitive to use, so they can carry out their current objectives with ease.”

Applying its full-service approach, EPSoft™ helps customers manage their entire data infrastructure, from DataOps management to dynamic process automation, using a single, cohesive platform. The company’s software solutions are versatile in scope and broad in application and have served customers in industries spanning cybersecurity, finance and banking, manufacturing, and retail.

“Ultimately, our goal at EPSoft™ is to elevate human potential,” says Brenda Bazan, President of EPSoft™ Technologies.

“We deliver on that end by supporting the workforce at every juncture – not just with technology, but with the strategy and support our customers need to achieve measurable success.”

In a recent engagement with a solar manufacturing client, EZBot® was implemented in tandem with other EPSoft™ services. Within the first year, the client was able to experience 7x greater efficiency and 10x fewer errors, with only 2 to 4 weeks on average needed for ramp-up. The ability to recognize areas prime for optimization equips EPSoft™ customers with valuable insights to not only analyze current levels of efficiency, but identify potential areas of growth, to support impactful business decisions.

About EPSoft™ Technologies

EPSoft™ Technologies (www.epsoftinc.com) is a global software company that builds smart digital platforms, optimizing end-to-end operations and producing impactful results for its customers. Since 2015, EPSoft™ has applied its deep expertise in business processes and robotic process automation to help organizations across the world solve some of their most critical problems. Working alongside its customers as a true partner, EPSoft™ provides the full spectrum of technology and strategic support needed to streamline and simplify operations and enhance customer experiences. EPSoft™ is based in Dallas, Texas, with additional locations in Canada and India.


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