ezBot Case Study

ezBot Case study

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Our Award winning product ezBot is Industry’s first LEAN integrated RPA Solution.

At EPSoft Technologies we always thrive to provide solutions that reduce time to market by delivering tangible value to our customers. Most of our engagements are self-sponsored as we bring in the savings within the same financial Year.

“Faster Insurance Claim Processing with 100% accuracy and less cost”

Insurants typically have to wait longer to get their claim processed causing increased frustration to the customers and loss of business. One of the leading Health Insurance providers is spending an enormous amount of time and resources and still unable to cater to the growing demands of its insurants to process the claims quickly. During the peak time like a beginning of the year, they have capacity challenges in hiring, training and managing resources that can help register insurant for the various plans they offer.

Virtual Robots provide enterprises a great flexibility in ramping up and ramping down the resources based on the demands. It also ensures 100% accuracy and compliance apart from providing greater performance. Our Product ezBot’s OCR module is used to read multiple data elements and structure the data. It then processed all the data as per the rule engine that is configured per business rules of our customer. All claims are processed and a report is provided with comments based on rule engine configuration to the customer support analyst to complete the final processing of the claim.



  • The Robot was able to reduce cost and eliminate a lot of errors
  • Up to 40% of the manual processing is reduced eliminating a lot of waste within the process
  • Reduced the overall time it takes to process the claim apart from the cost of claim processing
  • Data migration into insurance system is 100% accurate and fully automated