Automation Simplified.
Work Elevated.

Your end-to-end solution for automation and business process management.

Protect Your Employees
and Reopen for Business

Reopen for business with confidence and peace of mind with Virtual PPE, a new workplace wellness and risk management solution. Featuring contact tracing, proximity alerts, symptom logs and more, Virtual PPE gives employers a way to maintain safety in the workplace.


Elevate your workforce

With EPSoft's native capabilities and easy, non-disruptive implementation, digital
transformation is closer than you think.


Simplify Data Management

Consolidate complex and disparate data systems into a single user-friendly platform


Automate Operations

Streamline workflows and operations with tools specifically built for business users


Scale Efficiencies

Improve everything from basic computing to enterprise-wide system management


Grow Your Business

Regardless of industry, volume or complexity, gain measurable ROI in less than one year


Don’t replace the human experience. Improve it.

Simplify every aspect of how work gets done with EPSoft. Let technology do its best work and empower your people to do theirs. This bot & service orchestration allows your human workforce, automated bots, and integrated systems to all work seamlessly together. Information flows freely and workflows function as intended, ready to adapt as needed. The result: beautifully coordinated symphony of work.

  • Process Intelligence
  • Big Data Insights
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Cloud Enablement


Remove dependencies, discover redundancies, automate, adjust, repeat. All that’s left to do is measure your ROI.

  • Discover

    We start with a comprehensive business process analysis using our process intelligence tool.

  • Identify

    Following our analysis, we identify opportunities to improve efficiencies with automation.

  • Implement

    Using the simple drag-and-drop interface, you implement the bots and put them to work.

  • Grow

    With EPSoft™ delivering new efficiencies every day, you’ll soon begin to see returns on your investment.



See what people are saying.

Author PhotoCEO, Manufacturing
We were thrilled that we realized a return on investment in less than 60 days.
Author PhotoReceiving Dept
Thanks to EPSoft's Intelligent Automation Platform, I was able to take my first vacation in 8 years. RPA has removed a number of my manual tasks so that I can focus on higher value work.

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