Retail Solutions


Retail Solutions

Retailers must analyze a great deal of data for each marketing campaign to meet time-sensitive windows of opportunity for converting customer purchases and improving operational processes. We can:

  • Work with retailers and E-commerce sites to deliver solutions that leverage big data to provide a 360° view of consumer behavior, extending current analytics platforms to incorporate predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Build a unified view of your customer behavior based on their online and offline behavior
  • Infer hidden propensities and recommend next product to buy using machine learning algorithms
  • Build reports in real-time to provide actionable intelligence for your customers
  • Manage inventory across all our brick-and-mortar outlets and online fulfillment centers for a new SKU from a small, foreign manufacturer
  • Optimize key metrics like same-store-sales and promotion efficacy by combining our online and offline data from social, surveillance, point-of-sale, and marketing
  • Model predictive indicators that identify anomalies and help prevent the massive security attacks that cost you billions every year and dilute customer sentiment



We can ingest and process streaming data from a vast network of sensors in real-time. We can:

  • Develop new products based on information hidden in the sensor data
  • Deploy sophisticated algorithms to production
  • Achieve tangible improvements based on insights discovered


Advertising and Marketing Technology

The growth of digital advertising and marketing services has created a plethora of opportunities. Your business can exploit these opportunities if you have the right tools to analyze and process the vast amount of data generated faster than the competition. We can:

  • Integrate structured as well as unstructured data from disparate sources
  • Analyze key metrics to troubleshoot and optimize your product
  • Develop and deploy machine learning algorithms for optimal ad placement
  • Speed up delivery of your analytics product

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