Software that Helps You Safely Get Employees Back On Site? That’s Virtual PPE.

Construction, manufacturing, food service, agriculture, utilities. None of these businesses have the luxury of allowing employees to work from home. Many organizations and government departments need people in real-world places where virtual just won’t cut it.

And as economies around the world cautiously reopen for business, it’s up to employers to help their teams stay safe, stay informed, and with data and insights that stay secure. At the same time, employers open themselves up to risk by bringing people back together – this is a risk that we can, and should, manage with technology.

Virtual PPE is a new wellness and risk management platform that comes with a complimentary employee app designed to help everyone get back to business safely. You can read more about this breakthrough solution below or reach out to us to schedule a demo today.

About Virtual PPE

Virtual PPE is an enterprise SaaS platform that provides location monitoring, contact tracing, and advanced privacy features. A risk assessment dashboard uses anonymized employee data for ongoing risk mitigation. It integrates with most other enterprise software systems, too. Our partner Liberty Advisor Group is managing quick and easy integration with relevant enterprise systems such as human resources, risk and liability, CRM platforms, and more.

Virtual PPE features include:

  • Management Communication Hub to manage users, view case status (active, pending, quarantined, recovered), and access contact tracing.
  • Risk Analysis Dashboard, which provides an overall risk score based on anonymized data.
  • Proximity Alerts to notify employees if they are too close to others, as defined by CDC guidelines.
  • Contact Tracing to automatically alert employees of contact with a confirmed case, along with instructions for the next steps.
  • Symptom Log for employees to track daily symptoms in order to manage personal risk; includes a personal risk score.
  • Access Manager to allow/prevent access to designated locations by issuing daily QR Codes to employees if they meet the accepted risk profile.
Highest Standard of Privacy

The platform features Bluetooth, rolling proximity identifiers (RPIDs), encryption, and tokens to maintain privacy and security at the highest level. What’s more, Virtual PPE doesn’t collect and store data in a centralized database. Instead, Virtual PPE’s contact tracing stays with the employee, unless they explicitly share the data with the employer.

For employers, the platform helps drive informed decisions about the business for risk and wellness initiatives using anonymized data. This means employers can use data to better assess and manage risk while ensuring employee privacy is maintained at all times.

Ultimately, Virtual PPE is designed to deliver confidence and peace of mind for the entire workforce.


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