Addressing Organizational Collaboration With Process Automation

Effective collaboration is an important but often an overlooked factor to successful process automation. Additionally, the more users that are engaged with technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) and AI, the more value the technologies deliver. Today we’ll take a look at some key functions of collaboration and how EZFlow – EPSoft’s intelligent automation platform helps make them happen.

Collaboration as a Driver for Successful Intelligent Automation


Keeping all stakeholders aligned on what work gets done, how, and when, not only makes for smooth workflows and happy employees, but it also helps mitigate risks, maintain compliance and improve knowledge sharing across the enterprise. EPSoft’s IA platform – EZFlow delivers this kind of transparency and more with integrated features designed for multiple personas, helping to streamline coordination and drive efficient collaboration.

Change Management

Change management is often its own determinant factor for success; many automation initiatives hinge on how companies address change. Ensuring all teams—from HR to accounting to marketing and business teams—are involved from the outset helps get everyone on the same page, right from the planning stages. And with our IA platform, you can automatically identify high-value areas best suited for automation, and anticipate the financial impact before you begin. This allows you to measure the impact of every automation across the enterprise, managing changes as you see fit.

Regulatory Compliance

From HR to accounting to production-floor manufacturing, there is no shortage of compliance regulations to go around. The IA plaform takes the hassle out of compliance, automatically scanning workflows for you, reviewing point automations and other process segments for regulatory compliance across multiple users, workflows and departments. If changes are recognized or anticipated, the platform notifies you so you can make changes before they become problematic.

Operational Efficiency

Thanks to persona-based dashboards, the IA platform makes it easy to create and run automations across multiple disciplines and departments. And performance monitoring is built in, making it easy to identify problems and create solutions. With clearly defined roles—architects, analysts, developers and enterprise roles—everyone gets the most possible value from the technology, improving processes start to finish.

Getting More Value From Process Automation

Because it was natively designed for collaboration and built with business users in mind, EPSoft’s intelligent automation platform – EZFlow not only supports automation and digital transformation, but it can actually help you accelerate it. And, because it’s built by design to integrate with other technologies—even other RPA providers—it’s the only platform you need for end-to-end process automation. Schedule a free demo today to see what the IA platform can do for your business.

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