EZFlow Business Process Studio

Simplified Process Design With Smart Visual Tools

Built for ease of use, collaboration, and simplified but comprehensive analysis, the Business Process Studio is where the proverbial magic happens.

An End-to-End Visual for Process Management

At this stage, you decide which tasks should be assigned to humans and which should go to automations (bots). Leverage powerful value chain mapping, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and machine learning to scale with intelligent automation and drive digital transformation initiatives. See how your automations will play out using visualizations and modeling tools before sending your automations live. Once designed, the BPS gets to work, kickstarting your assigned automations into the Automation Engine, helping you automate and standardize business processes.

Value Chain

Understand how your workflows fit into the ecosystem of your business landscape with value chain mapping. View high level macro processes, and drill down to the task level—all from one process dashboard.

Visualization of

The idea of a workflow is as much about flow as it is work. Connecting upstream and downstream systems, the Business Process Studio provides better management of your workflows, with transparency and clarity on how any given process may impact another.

Beyond Point

Creating point automations in silos delivers short-term value but prevents long-term scalability. With end-to-end process management and IA tools, the Business Process Studio goes beyond the task to automate at the process level.

By 2024

Gartner predicts that organizations will
lower operational costs by
30% by integrating technologies with redesigned
operational processes.

Business Process Studio Features

  • Tools to identify, model, analyze, modify, improve, and standardize business processes
  • Ability to upload existing process models, or build from scratch
  • Supports best-of-breed modeling notations, including BPMN, DMN, etc.
  • Comparison tools to contrast as-is process state with the desired to-be state, along with highlighted differences
  • Persona-based dashboards for access management
  • Real-time collaboration with historical change records
  • Real-time collaboration with historical change records
  • Process approval submissions to maintain checks and balances
  • Built-in collaboration tools for IT and business users
  • Ability to assign specific task steps to either humans or automations
  • Ability to kickstart the creation of assigned automations

Common Orchestration Terms to Know

Business process management (BPM) is an organized approach to the discovery, modeling, analysis and improvement of any given business process, most often leveraging automation to do so.

Getting Started With RPA

Get started today with a deep-dive analysis of your business process that will
identify bottlenecks, eliminate waste and add significant value to your organization.
Start building your hybrid workforce today.


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