Oil & Gas

Solving Problems Old and New for the Energy Sector
With rules-based processes and a reliance on analytics and optimization, the energy sector is one that benefits greatly from RPA implementation. EPSoft’s RPA and data management solutions for the oil and gas industry offer products and services that promise improved performance and measurable results.

EPSoft RPA solutions for Oil and gas industry

Easily Manage Compliance

With tools to constantly monitor operations anytime from anywhere, RPA allows oil and gas companies to easily meet all regulatory protocols

Reduce Costs

In an industry that hinges on ever-changing markets, reducing costs and optimizing performance can go a long way in improving the bottom line

Improve Accuracy

Use advanced algorithms to ensure perfect well locations and drilling accuracy every time

Leverage Predictive Analytics

With a multi-tenancy model, each customer has their own personalized view, allowing for a rich user experience while still leveraging tool capabilities

Analytical Insights

Using all available data, engage your data analytics team to extract meaningful insights with smart chart and graph visuals

  • Reduce Unplanned Well Interventions
  • Emergency Detection
  • Failure Detection
  • Field/Well: Volume Prediction
  • Single View of an Asset
  • Predictive Fault Compartments
  • Real-Time Telemetry Streaming
  • Well Location Optimization
  • Continuous Behavior Monitoring

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