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From connecting legacy systems and online data to managing customer expectations, the financial industry faces unique challenges for data management and automation. These challenges can lead to revenue loss and redundant processes with human errors. EPSoft’s smart solutions solve them all, allowing financial organizations to improve their businesses while simultaneously delivering improved services of their own.

Boost Efficiencies

Lower costs and improve productivity with automation tools that offer perfect accuracy and free up your talented team to dedicate time to higher value tasks

Faster Data Ingestion

Improve effectiveness of data management with faster data ingestion, resulting in more precise data transformation

Reduce Fraud

With graph algorithms that constantly monitor real-time risks and data patterns, you can detect fraudulent activity and prevent problems before they ever occur

Custom Reports and Analytics

With a multi-tenancy model, each customer has their own personalized view, allowing for a rich user experience while still leveraging tool capabilities

Personalize Customer Experiences

Recommend personalized products and services using our comprehensive system, which creates a 360-degree view of your customer

Improve Compliance and Security

Ensure privacy and comply with regulatory requirements by better tracking and managing massive amounts of data

  • Mainframe Offload
  • Real-Time Apps
  • AML Payments Fraud
  • Unified Reporting
  • Customer Churn Analysis
  • Fraud Detection
  • Insider Threats
  • EDW / ETL Offload
  • Invoice Processing
  • Payment Matching & Processing
  • ERP Journal Entries
  • Account reconciliations
  • Rules-based AP approvals
  • Financial forecasts & analysis
  • Regulatory reporting
  • PO management

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