Business Process Management

An analytical approach to getting things done

What Is Business Process Management (BPM)?

Business process management (BPM) is an operational practice that aims to optimize how work gets done. BPM uses a variety of tools to discover, document, analyze and improve operations.

Implementing BPM

BPM is a specialized practice of actively discovering opportunities for optimization and engineering solutions that work in concert to improve operations. Automation is at the heart of many BPM initiatives, but automation alone does not deliver end-to-end efficiencies. For that, you need a plan for orchestration.

BPM Tools

Most businesses need a variety of tools to address BPM initiatives. While you can use individual solutions toward individual BPM goals, a better approach is to use a more complete solution that offers many BPM tools with a single-pane view. EZFlow does just that, giving you all the tools you need in one easy-to-use platform.

What is iBPMS?

Under what Gartner has dubbed the iBPMS, or intelligent business process management suites, some software providers are now delivering entire collections of software dedicated to BPM. Capabilities like what-if modeling, specialized verifications, analytics and insights are all characteristic of the iBPMS. In this way, EZFlow delivers iBPMS functionality and more, providing everything you need for end-to-end business process management with user-friendly tools for RPA, AI, process intelligence, business process design and orchestration.

Benefits of Business Process Management with EZFlow

Efficiency is the ultimate benefit of BPM practices, but there are many more that stem from that. What’s more, because the best practices for BPM will differ from one company to another, your specific benefits may look different from these.

  • Get more control over operations
  • Easily create, analyze and improve business processes
  • Gain better visibility into workflows across the business
  • Align departmental goals with overall business goals
  • Improve operations across the enterprise
  • Better track individual tasks
  • Understand the impact of specific tasks on the workflow
  • Model, analyze, adjust and automate processes in 1 place

BPM and Project Management: What’s the difference?

Though they sound alike, business process management and project management are two different things. Business process management is about a big-picture view, understanding holistically how specific tasks interact and affect one another, and then continually optimizing for efficiency. Project management, on the other hand, is more specific, often focused on individual segments of a process, working at a more granular level. Project management is also change-focused; once the changes have been made, the project is complete—whereas in BPM, the goal is continual iterative improvement across the enterprise

Example Business Process Management Use Cases

BPM and Project Management: What’s the difference?

Finance and accounting teams are critical to every business, but the inundation of paper-driven processes can create impediments to progress. With smart tools for BPM, like those found in the EZFlow platform, businesses can improve workflow with automations and other process improvements. Here are just a few examples of how thoughtful BPM can improve financial tasks.

  • Simplified, streamlined workflows for virtually any task
  • Single-click expense approvals
  • Pre-formatting of documents in preparation for analysis
What is the difference between BPM and Project Management?
How does BPM streamline HR operations effectively

BPM for HR

If finance is the brains of the operation, HR is the heart, pumping the lifeblood of human productivity, power and creativity into the organization. From recruiting sought-after talent and onboarding new hires to maintaining compliance and keeping in touch with alumni, the duties of the HR department run far and wide. BPM initiatives can improve workflow for HR professionals, freeing up time so they can focus less on task work and more on building lasting relationships.

  • Streamline any workflow
  • Boost transparency with improved documentation
  • Automate timesheet approvals
  • Automate recruitment outreach

Benefits of Process Intelligence

  • See potential cost and time savings
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Improved success rates
  • Meet ROI goals
  • Faster, more accurate results
  • Ongoing insights for constant improvement
  • Reduced manual reporting
  • Streamlined processes
  • Real-time insights and improvements
  • Anticipate impacts of automation before implementing
  • Transparency of workflow
  • More effective benchmarking

Gettings Started with Business Process Management

Ultimately, business process management helps businesses document and organize business processes, automate tasks, and better orchestrate how work gets done. EZFlow makes BPM easy, bringing organization and valuable optimization to unstructured, unwieldy workflows. When leveraged as part of a larger plan for digital transformation, EZFlow delivers end-to-end business process management driven by hyper orchestration. Ready to get started? Schedule a free demo today.

Getting Started with Process Intelligence

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