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Intelligent Automation Control Center

Centrally Orchestrate Your Hybrid Workforce

The Control Center of the EZFlow platform is where you manage your automations across your new hybrid workflows and systems. Built for business users and managers alike, this central hub gives you single-pane visibility to centrally orchestrate and govern all your process management efforts with intelligent automation.

More Control

With low-level granularity that provides for optimal service orchestration, you have more control over every
aspect of every workflow.

Improved Transparency

The Control Center's single-pane view gives you full visibility into your workflows, allowing you to better manage your process automations.

Reduced Overhead

When your hybrid workforce has an organized,
efficient way to interact with multiple systems and tools, it saves time, money and resources.

Adapt with Agility

Change is constant. Respond quickly and strategically with EZFlow’s bird’s-eye view. Anticipate when and where changes are needed, and adjust the process accordingly.

Improving Process Automation With Orchestration

EZFlow's Control Center makes it easy to manage and synchronize every business process from start to finish. Orchestrate at the task level, where individual controls are designed and managed for specific tasks, through the process level, where you use business process management (BPM) to build and optimize workflows in their entirety.

EZFlow Control Center Features:

Task Level Orchestration

  • Bot controls (start, pause, stop)
  • Scheduling
  • SLA warnings
  • Designation of task owner/group to receive alerts
  • Environment configuration
  • Sanity testing
Features of EZFlow Control Center
How BPM Orchestrates Process-Level Operations?

Process Level Orchestration with Business Process Management (BPM)

  • End-to-end business process setup
  • Deploy process instances (including human workflow and task assignment)
  • Business rules
  • Handshakes between steps
  • Human to bot handover (in which an RPA instance executes)

Hyper Orchestration With EZFlow by EPSoft

Traditionally, service orchestration includes process automation technology (Business Process Automation or BPA), people and systems. Hyper orchestration adds the element of RPA to the mix. So, process automation now includes both BPA and RPA as well as people and systems.

What is Hyper Orchestration?

At its core, hyper orchestration is about simplifying operations. Today’s businesses must manage a multitude of systems and automations—technology running some tasks, people running others, and
both of them using multiple systems to execute their respective workloads. EZFow solves this
challenge by integrating all of these business processes into a single platform for simplified management.

The Power of Integration

Leverage the powerful efficiencies of the EZFlow platform while still using existing technologies as long as you need to, including third-party RPA providers, ITSM tools and more with hyper orchestration. Scale your process automations with a system designed for seamless integration—and do it all from a centralized view. Use the integrative features in tandem with Process Intelligence and BPM, or as a standalone optimization effort.

EZFlow's Control Center Features:

For Business Users

Leverage user-friendly tools that integrate seamlessly with other technologies, allowing users to
execute and manage their complex
RPA processes from a simple, centralized view. From triggered
alerts to drill-down reporting, the Control Center gives users a
new home base.

For Business Managers

With complete visibility into
specific departmental processes, persona-based dashboards make it easy to run automations, monitor performance, identify problems and create solutions, and streamline decision making with data.

For Improved IT

Thanks to the single-pane view, easily see everything in one place and
optimize performance across the entire tech stack, from the network to the servers and applications. Monitor IT performance and uptime and prevent potential problems before they happen.

EZFlow for Hyper Orchestration

For Business Users

  • Persona-based dashboards
  • Point automation and process automation monitoring
  • Full integration with third-party RPA providers

IT Optimization

  • Infra dashboards
  • Full integration with ITSM tools
  • Centralized IT performance management
  • Centralized logging for trouble-shooting
EZFlow integrates RPA & IA for major efficiency gains.

Common Orchestration Terms to Know

Orchestration is the process of coordinating a series of individual tasks to work together with systems and automation, also known as hybrid workflows.

Getting Started With RPA

Get started today with a deep-dive analysis of your business process that will
identify bottlenecks, eliminate waste and add significant value to your organization.
Start building your hybrid workforce today.


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