Healthcare is constantly evolving. Evolve with it.
Whether monitoring nutrition or managing medical records, the data that comes along with healthcare can be overwhelming. To best manage this abundance of data, health and wellness providers and organizations need to not only manage massive volumes of information, but also scale and guard how such information is used. EPSoft’s RPA and data management solutions for the healthcare industry promise automation and efficiency so that providers can focus on patient care.

Data-driven Wellness

Use machine-learning algorithms to develop comprehensive and personalized health and lifestyle recommendations that can improve the lives of patients

Online EMR Access

Maintaining electronic medical records online not only complies with HIPAA requirements, but also keeps records conveniently available

Better Operations

From improved inventory processing at pharmacies to improved patient scheduling in private practice, automation offers efficiencies at every turn

Improved Care

With access to EMRs, wearable sensors, drug trial data and so much more, patients are able to benefit from a fully connected continuum of care

  • Patient Intake
  • Continuum of Care
  • Emergency Detection
  • NLP Integration
  • EDW/ETL Offload
  • Genomic Data Analysis
  • Personalized Medicine
  • Readmission Reductions
  • Patient 360
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Reports Automation
  • System Reconciliation
  • Claims Management
  • Continuous Behavior Monitoring
  • Enrollment & Patient Eligibility
  • Billing & Compliance

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