Process Automation in Healthcare

Healthcare is evolving. Automation keeps you one step ahead.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Healthcare

With intense paperwork and seemingly endless time-consuming tasks, healthcare is an industry primed for robotic process automation. Automation technology in healthcare not only helps administrators run better healthcare facilities with improved processes for billing and other clinical operations, it also supports the patient relationship by streamlining work and allowing providers to focus on providing the best possible care.

Intelligent Automation with EZFlow for Healthcare Providers

Automate clinical processes, revenue cycle management workflows and more with custom RPA solutions from EPSoft’s EZFlow platform. With a single pane view, you can easily manage everything from one place—even automations from other providers. Relieve healthcare workers of repetitive, time-consuming tasks using a platform that keeps human operators involved along the way, ensuring you keep complete control over every aspect of operations.

What can healthcare providers do with EZFlow?

  • Improve front office support
  • Simplify inventory management
  • Alert providers of symptoms, risk or history
  • Bill patients and process claims
  • Digitize patient files
  • Transfer pertinent information from paper or portal forms into Electronic Health Records
  • Automate patient follow-up letters
  • Pull relevant info or readings from multiple patients into a dashboard for easy management
  • Enhance patient care
  • Process patient history through risk algorithms and calculate specific patient risks
  • Free healthcare professionals to focus less on paperwork, more on patients
  • Automate patient appointment scheduling

EZFlow Use Cases for Healthcare

EZFlow by EPSoft is an easy-to-use SaaS platform with all the integrative tools needed to improve healthcare workflows.

Long a paper-based business, healthcare providers work with extremely high volumes of data. Sometimes this data can be held inside a legacy system, adding time and inefficiencies to workflows. Do more with data by setting RPA bots to extract and manage the data for you. Working 24/7 RPA can pull data from multiple systems, and even parse and deliver it where it needs to go, saving healthcare providers hundreds or even thousands of hours in administrative work annually.

Benefits of Process Automation in Healthcare

Clear ROI

Eliminate technical debt. RPA and business process automation by EZFlow delivers a clear return on investment, helping providers maximize their returns and reduce strain on human resources.

Streamlined Claims

Able to extract and handle structured and unstructured data, and work across multiple front-end and back-end systems, EZFlow makes quick work of claims processing.

Improved Patient Experience

With improved efficiencies across the continuum of care, providers can focus on patients, while administrators can rest easy relying on highly functioning workflows across the organization.

Happier Teams

Freed from the tedious ins and outs of data entry, ERP management, claims and more, employees can work on higher order work, boosting morale and productivity.

Get started with a deep-dive analysis of your healthcare workflows and begin building your hybrid workforce today.


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