Robotic Process Automation for
Human Resources Management

Put the Human Back in Human Relations with RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent process automation (IPA) tools found in EPSoft’s EZFlow platform have the power to transform, pumping valuable time back into human relations, improving efficiencies and revenue.

For every minute spent on paperwork, repetitive data entry and menial tasks, HR professionals lose a minute they could be spending with the workforce, be it as an external administrator or an internal department.

RPA for HR with EZFlow

Using RPA for
Better Talent Acquisition

Automate the sourcing of candidates
and sorting of potential talent, with
smart programs designed to meet
hiring objectives and eliminate
unconscious bias.

Faster Onboarding with
Process Automation

Automate onboarding by quickly organizing disparate paper applications and forms with technology like optical character recognition (OCR) and natural language processing (NLP) to capture and deliver new employee data to appropriate databases and systems.

RPA for Improved
Employee Experience

Instead of spending hours on paperwork and mundane literature, new hires can get started right away engaging with HR personnel and other team members.

EZFlow Makes HR Work Easier

Some estimates suggest that up to 50% of employee tasks are dedicated to labor-intensive and unfilling tasks, all of which are prime candidates for RPA, including a number of HR-specific tasks, like resume scanning, automated emails, onboarding and more. RPA and IPA can also help with internal HR relations, augmenting a help desk with a chatbot, for example, or providing smoother workflows for benefits administration.

Other RPA Use Cases for HR

Intelligent process automation offers solutions for every stage of HR, from recruiting to onboarding to ongoing management and administration.

Recruiting: Process Automation for Resume Screening

Process automation can easily be used to scan resumes and applications, looking for keywords around the job listing and requirements. With key criteria identified, it can then sort resumes into those that meet the criteria standards and those that don’t. What’s more, the criteria can be changed at any time, giving HR managers the flexibility to tailor their personnel searches to find the best talent.

Onboarding: Process Automation for Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Entering data into multiple forms and systems is always tedious, but when it’s the same data over and over again—like employee profile records—it becomes clear how wasteful that time is. RPA can help by sending and retrieving information between multiple HR systems. It can even be used to initiate a background check. With RPA doing the heavy lifting, HR managers can focus on team building, relationships and company goals.

Management: Process Automation for Payroll Administration

From benefits administration to expense management, payroll administration has a lot of moving parts. Automate select legs of the journey, outsourcing time consuming calculations and cross-reference work to automation programs, which can work between multiple systems and payroll programs with faster, more accurate results for a primary business process.

If you’re ready to eliminate the manual headaches of mundane task work with IPA and RPA for HR, we’re here to help with comprehensive solutions from EZFlow.

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