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Process Automation Tools For Your Business

Process Automation Tools For Your Business

Once you’ve designed your workflows in the Business Process Studio and determined which tasks are for humans and which will be automated, it’s time to get automations running with the Automation Engine.

Implement New
Task Automations

EZFlow will automatically pre-build
any automations you designed in the Business Process Studio.
Automatically translate your process design into executable code without
the need for any additional people or steps.

Low-Code and
No-Code Tool Set

EZFlow makes automation accessible and easy for companies to manage themselves—even without a large IT
staff—thanks to an intuitive interface
and easy-to-use tools. Simply drag
and drop the complex steps you want
the bot to complete.

Natively Designed
for Integration

Integrated EZFlow tools make it simple
to identify new areas for rapid ROI. And, with hundreds of API connectors to the Top 200 apps, the IAP supports collaboration between teams and
allows you to make the best use of
your existing technologies.

Take Automation Further with Artificial Intelligence

Maximize the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) by coupling it with machine learning
algorithms for natural language processing (NLP), natural language generation (NLG), and optical
character recognition (OCR). With drag-and-drop functionality, it’s never been easier for the business
user to leverage advanced AI tools.

EZFlow Automation Engine Features

  • Simplified creation of new task automations
  • Low- to no-code functionality
  • Easy drag-and-drop features
  • Designed to execute attended, unattended & hybrid automations
  • Performs synchronous and asynchronous executions
  • Democratized AI—advanced AI tools built for the business user
  • Centralized control and management of all automations through the Control Center
  • Comprehensive orchestration
Overview of EZFlow Automation Engine Features

Common Automation Terms to Know

Synchronous refers to steps in a process that execute in back-to-back fashion. For example, Step 2 does not start to execute until Step 1 is complete.

Getting Started With RPA

Get started today with a deep-dive analysis of your business process that will
identify bottlenecks, eliminate waste and add significant value to your organization.
Start building your hybrid workforce today.


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