Process Intelligence:

The Power of Discovery

Know More and Do More With Process Intelligence

Improve business outcomes, empower employees, and transform how work gets done with EZFlow’s process intelligence tools.

How Process Intelligence Works

Process intelligence uses the power of discovery, leveraging a big-picture view and a deep-dive analysis that identifies potential improvement throughout your business process. With EZFlow’s process intelligence tools, you get a real-time view of your current workflows and easy-to-follow recommendations for improving bottlenecks and inefficiencies.


Understand exactly how your
workflows exist now so that you
can properly identify and choose
the best areas for improvement.


Easily see which areas of your
workflows will benefit most from automation, complete with potential
time and dollar savings.


While the platform does the heavy
lifting, you stay in complete control, automating only the segments
you choose.

Task Mining or Process Mining: What’s the Difference?

Process intelligence, process mining and task mining are all terms that get used in the automation field, but they all mean
different things.

Task mining software uses user-level data that shows all the steps relative to that user and that task. From here, you look at
the task in the context of the larger process. In this way, task mining is a component of process mining.

While task mining focuses on the user-level data, process mining focuses on the enterprise level. Process mining looks at process maps and event logs to improve efficiencies and also to uncover the best areas for automation—again, looking at the organization
as a whole. When paired with business intelligence, process mining is a component of process intelligence.

Process intelligence combines process mining with business intelligence, giving you deep insights about end-to-end processes, spotlighting the best areas for automation, and providing suggestions for improvement.

Taking Discovery Further with Process Intelligence

From product development to ERP migrations and internal audits, process intelligence can be applied to countless initiatives, delivering real-time insights every step of the way. Whether you’ve already started with process automations or you’re beginning for the first time, EZFlow’s process intelligence tools will help you get the post from every automation.

How to Use EZFlow’s Process Intelligence Tools
Process Intelligence In Action

Step 1: Gain a Realistic View of Workflows

If you have a process in place you want to review, simply upload your existing event logs for evaluation. If not, EZFlow can systematically collect the data for you by recording your processes start-to-finish. This means you’re not limited by your documentation, nor reliant on people’s memories to outline it.

Step 2: Visualize and Analyze

With data in hand, EZFlow analyzes your processes, maps the data, and then generates a process graph for visualization. This helps you look for key process behaviors so you can expose any bottlenecks and deviations. Identify compliance concerns, inefficiencies and more by using performance metrics like time to complete each step in the process, number of repetitions in a task, frequency and duration to gauge effectiveness.

Step 3: Uncover Opportunities for Automation

Know the financial impact of your choices before you begin. Make reliable and data-driven decisions based on business insights and rely less on guesswork. Get visibility into things like potential time and cost savings. These insights make it easy to know where to start and where to best put your efforts. And, it provides fast, accurate results backed by data.

Step 4: Choose What to Automate

With the best opportunities for automation identified, you can choose to generate the BPMN as it is, or make adjustments if you need to. Or if you need a new one, upload a new version altogether. Once your BPMN is set, assign which steps should be automated. From here, EZFlow kickstarts the automation for you, automatically designing the assigned automations in the Automation Engine.

AI in Process Intelligence

In addition to its powerful tools for discovery, process intelligence can also tap artificial intelligence and cognitive algorithms for even deeper benefits. These include technologies like natural language processing (NLP) to extract and organize variously structured and unstructured data in preparation of analysis; optical character recognition (OCR) to extract text from images; and natural language generation (NLG), which transforms data into language. Together with process intelligence, AI helps to create the most efficient workflow possible for any given stage of a process.

Benefits of Process Intelligence

  • See potential cost and time savings
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Improved success rates
  • Meet ROI goals
  • Faster, more accurate results
  • Ongoing insights for constant improvement
  • Reduced manual reporting
  • Streamlined processes
  • Real-time insights and improvements
  • Anticipate impacts of automation before implementing
  • Transparency of workflow
  • More effective benchmarking
Overview of EZFlow Automation Engine Features

Getting To The Best Solution Faster

Some tasks are best served by bots, which deliver perfect
results over and over. Others need thoughtful judgment and critical thinking, and can only be performed by humans.
Process intelligence taps the peak potential in both, creating ideal workflows that combine the best of people
and technology.

A Cross-enterprise Approach

EZFlow drives efficiencies where they are needed most, while simultaneously considering the impact to the organization as a whole. This big-picture approach eliminates siloes and improves cross-departmental coordination, helping the entire organization grow organically.

EZFlow enhances efficiency, fosters organization growth

Common Terms to Know

Task mining software looks at user logs and user interfaces to analyze the steps in a given task so the organization can see the inner workings of how work gets done, so that ultimately they can make the workflow better.

Getting Started with Process Intelligence

Ready to learn more? Let’s talk about how process intelligence by
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