RPA Implementation

What to Expect
EPSoft promises a smooth and straightforward RPA implementation process that will have your team delivering measurable new efficiencies almost immediately. We start with a workshop to identify and analyze your processes and your needs. From there, we develop use cases and prioritize them for optimal performance before beginning the implementation process.

RPA Implementation Process




This comprehensive deep-dive workshop is designed to include business stakeholders and
business users, helping our team understand your team’s challenges from a multitude of
perspectives. Together we’ll identify:

  1. Different applications
  2. Frequency of use
  3. Complexity of task



Automated Process Mapping

With our process mining platform, our automated mapping tool builds flow charts of your
current processes, analyzes them and produces a “heat map”. The “heat map” allows us
to quickly identify and highlight steps within each process that require:

  1. Higher than average labor costs
  2. Long periods of time for completion
  3. High risk of human error

Based on these findings, our tool will instantaneously provide an estimate of potential savings realized by introducing automation. This allows us to prioritize the use cases that produce the quickest ROI.

Scenarios for implementing RPA.



Build Use Cases

With the applications, frequency and complexity identified, we’ll then begin
to build use cases and categorize them into the following quadrants:

  1. Frequently Used + Easy to Implement
  2. Frequently Used + Complex to Implement
  3. Infrequently Used + Easy to Implement
  4. Infrequently Used + Complex to Implement




With the use cases identified, we document them all and, once approved,
we begin the implementation process. The initial use case typically takes
4 to 6 weeks, with subsequent use cases taking about 2 weeks.

  1. Different applications
  2. Frequency of use
  3. Complexity of task

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