Data Management
& Managed Services

Data Management
& Managed Services

EPSoft’s comprehensive data and managed services deliver actionable insights to help you maximize the power of your data and improve your ROI with technology. Our process-focused approach applies best practices along with our own innovative methodologies, creating an agile environment that makes the most of business resources by driving decisions with data.

Data Engineering & Analytics
Leverage the Power of Data

The power of data is not in volume, but rather, in the insights delivered from analytics and how they’re put to work.
Let your data do more for you and leverage key business insights with data analytics by EPSoft.
Leverage the power of data and turn it into strategic growth for your business.

Business Solutions

From collaborating with your team for smart data strategies to building final proof of concept, our data services deliver powerful solutions that improve operations and help achieve business goals.

Digging Deep
for Insights

With the right insights in hand, you can implement new efficiencies, boost employee morale, and make better business decisions. Our analytical models cover everything from fraud detection and customer churn prediction to recommendation engines.

Harvest, Analyze,

Combining speed, reliability and affordability, EPSoft’s smart approach to data engineering and analytics ensures your data strategy will begin delivering measurable returns as soon as possible.

Resiliency | Customer Engagement | Employee Empowerment |
Optimized Operations | Strategic Business Transformation

EPSoft Managed Services

With managed services by EPSoft, you get access to experts who can actively identify new opportunities for improvement across the enterprise. Managed services also provide consistent IT management, covering all your needs under one service agreement, helping your business teams better predict quarterly costs and assess IT value.

Our Approach

We employ a strategically phased approach that allows for thoughtful integration and ongoing management.

  • Phase 1: Kick-off

    At kick-off, we define our engagement, identify roles and responsibilities, and map out the project management and
    risk mitigation plans.

  • Phase 2: Transition

    During the transition phase, we complete our knowledge transfer. We validate our kick-off efforts, and implement process executions, reports and SLAs.

  • Phase 3: Execution

    During this phase, we execute to SLAs. We also provide continued support with a steering committee and ongoing client meetings, with specialized focus on maximizing ROI and total cost of ownership.

  • Phase 4: Roll-Off

    This phase addresses all the aspects of renewal and retirement.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Services

Optimize the total cost of ownership and rely on our team of expert service providers to manage the growing complexities of modern ERP management. Our ERP pros specialize in enterprise application management, promising ongoing support and expertise for Oracle and SAP.

SAP Services

  • SAP version and EHP upgrades
  • SAP Database Upgrades
  • SAP Migration (Hardware / OS / Database)
  • SAP DR implementation (BCP)
  • SAP Data Archiving
  • SAP Solution Manager ( ITSM, ChaRM)

Oracle Services

  • 24/7/365 support of production environments
  • Accelerate SAP S/4 HANA Implementations
  • Regular monitoring of systems
  • Customized operations reporting of system performance
  • Center of Excellence/Support Model Setup
  • RCA handling to ensure continuous improvement

Salesforce CRM Services

With a proven track record of results, our experienced Salesforce consultants, developers and administrators work across cloud, mobile and social technology. Together, we meet business growth goals by using effective best practices and tying all your efforts back to strategy and data.

Domain Advisory Services

Our extensive team of domain experts understands varied business needs across verticals and are able to advise the ideal solution within the Salesforce platform. For these services, we work directly with customer stakeholders to design a proper business blueprint (BBP) that will meet the needs of the organization.

Sales, Marketing and Service Cloud Services

  • Sales Cloud

    Like our domain advisory services, for Sales Cloud services, we work directly with client stakeholders to to design the ideal business blueprint (BBP).

  • Marketing Cloud

    Engage and build stronger relationships with your customers and increase sales with loyalty. Our Marketing Cloud services deliver deeper, more agile interactions by leveraging social media. These services include social media brand management, customer support and market research.

  • Service Cloud

    Transform your customer service department with smart technology and a team of experts to lead the way. Our Service Cloud offerings include implementation, onboarding and customization.

Custom Development Services

With extensive experience in Salesforce development and agile methodology, we can quickly execute new projects start-to-finish, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Our team of Certified Salesforce Solution Architects and Consultants develop applications at the Enterprise level, with development services including UI development, Apex programming, testing and app support. We also help clients deploy applications with Salesforce or on the App exchange.

Salesforce Integration

EPSoft delivers custom integration services using RESTful APIs and other third-party tools. Our expert consultants have extensive experience integrating Salesforce applications to other enterprise applications, including ERPs and custom apps. We also have expertise in compatibility challenges, and we can successfully integrate cloud services with your other systems, ensuring real-time data remains available across all segments.

Legacy CRM Migration to Salesforce

Better understand your existing CRM data structure, and use the fastest ETL methods available to successfully migrate data to Salesforce. EPSoft migration services allow you to reduce your API calls and time spent on migration, leveraging off-the-shelf ETL tools like Talend, Informatica, Jitterbit Connect and others to accommodate complex data migration scenarios.

Data Analytics Cloud Services

Our Data Analytics Cloud Services cover multiple business apps, databases, big data and multiple data sources. Combined with our expertise in Salesforce services, we’re capable of launching an app in just a few days with no infrastructure build-out,
spend or delays.

Our Analytics Cloud Solutions are built to scale, designed to handle billions of data points of any data type, with a single, responsive view.

Our native approach to implementation promises easy deployment and management.

Salesforce Testing

EPSoft delivers comprehensive Salesforce testing across 5 primary environments:

  • High-level Scenarios: Here, we analyze the story (PO, DEV), perform scenario creations, and scenario validation (PO)

  • Detailed Scenarios: Study of stories details (DEV) and begin test cases creation

  • Test Creation: Includes functional tests creation, GUI tests creation, add to build

  • Test Execution: Includes unit test verification, GUI test execution, functional tests execution, regression testing

  • Validation / Sign-off: Includes exploratory testing, security testing, performance testing, UAT testing (PO)

Salesforce Support

Our Salesforce support services fall into four categories:

  • Proactive Monitoring: This includes Salesforce implementation, which identifies areas of improvement and includes recommended courses of action and best practices and a comprehensive improvement plan

  • Ongoing Administration: Includes maintenance for user management, security management, standard and custom object maintenance, data management, and package maintenance

  • Support for Applications: Ongoing enhancements, change requests, and other improvements

  • Comprehensive Training: Guidance and help desk support services to ensure high end-user adoption

Infrastructure Management & Support

Working across the entire enterprise, EPSoft helps you connect your data to your business strategy and your goals. Leveraging smart technology and innovative methodologies, our team of experts supports your business through periods of growth, expansion and digital transformation through a combination of management and support services.

Infrastructure Management & Support Services

Onsite Resource Deployment

  • Support Desk L1/L2 - end user
  • support Incident/problem management

Modes of Support

  • Dedicated offshore resources
  • Mix of onsite, offsite and offshore resources

Operations Management

  • End-to-end server management (L1/L2)
  • User account management
  • Security management
  • Patch management
  • Backup management

Database Management
Installation and Configuration

  • Ongoing support and monitoring
  • Patching month-end activities
  • Health checks and issue resolution
  • Database security hardening
  • CPU patches
  • Oracle support services
  • Database upgrades
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