Do More With Your Data
With Help From RPA

Like most industries, retail is becoming increasingly data-driven. But simply accessing data isn’t enough to improve sales conversions and operations. Now, more than ever, retailers need comprehensive analysis and smart data management tools to better run their businesses, and EPSoft delivers.


360° View

Dig deep into consumer behavior with solutions that deliver comprehensive insights with both predictive and prescriptive analytics

Online + Offline Data

Be where your customers are, both online and offline, and build a unified view that incorporates behaviors in both settings

Machine Learning

Discover patterned consumer shopping tendencies and make smart recommendations for future purchases with machine learning algorithms

Real-time Reporting

Create real-time reports with actionable business intelligence

Improved Inventory

Better manage inventory across brick-and-mortar locations and fulfillment centers

Optimized KPIs

Make better business decision for sales, promotions, ads and marketing by combining data from social media, point-of-sale, marketing, surveillance and more


Model predictive indicators and identify anomalies, helping prevent costly security breaches

  • Next Best offer
  • Customer Churn Analysis
  • Customer 360°

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