Process Automation for Manufacturing

Streamlining Manufacturing at Every Turn with Intelligent Automation

Primed for Automation

Manufacturing is an industry that relies on smooth-flowing, efficient processes. As such, it has plenty of opportunities to streamline how work gets done. Additionally, manufacturers use a number of forms that function as data-capture tools, gathering and processing critical information. This data drives ISO conformations, customer service initiatives and more. In these ways, manufacturing is a perfect candidate for business process management and intelligent automation.

RPA and Intelligent Automation for Manufacturing

EZFlow’s integrated tools for intelligent automation (IA) and robotic process automation (RPA) make it easy to outline workflows, identify high-value areas best suited for automation, and automatically create bots. Plus, you’ll know the financial impact before you begin. It’s flexible enough to let you make changes when needed, and smart enough to alert you if change is imminent. No downtime. No additional costs. No snags in production.

The EZFlow Intelligent Automation Platform

With integrative tools to improve all aspects of workflow, EZFlow offers today’s manufacturers a flexible solution to simplify processes, support workplace safety and improve productivity—all in one easy-to-use platform.

  • Cut costs
  • Enhance resiliency
  • Simplify processes
  • Increase labor productivity
  • Improve workplace safety
  • Reduce errors and waste
  • Maximize operational efficiency
  • Drive digital disruption

What can manufacturers do with EZFlow?

  • Smart analysis tools to identify leakage, gaps and more
  • Administration and reporting
  • Shipping report retrieval and delivery
  • POD validation and processing
  • Existing reporting layer analysis
  • Bill of materials generation
  • ERP entries and management
  • Inventory management and reconciliation
  • Invoice processing
  • Purchase requisition order processing
  • Sales order processing
  • Shipment scheduling and tracking
  • Regulatory compliance

Intelligent Automation Use Cases for Manufacturing

Data migration is a term describing the process of moving data from an old system to a new one. This kind of mass migration of data is a perfect case for automation. Programmed bots work without breaks and deliver error-free results. Plus, RPA works independently of APIs, going between old and new systems, efficiently integrating applications and sending data to and fro. With EZFlow, you also get the addition of real-time monitoring, with the system automatically flagging inconsistencies.

Streamline Everything
with Automation

Eliminate human error and workflow waste across the enterprise and increase compliance in business
processes from HR to IT


Establish true data integrity, using visualizations of actual
scenarios to help bridge gaps in business process

Simplify Process

EZFlow’s integrated RPA and AI features make supply chain processes like onboarding new vendors more agile

Discover New
Cash Flow

With comprehensive process mining, we’ll help you discover ways to improve efficiencies in invoicing, shipping, communications and more, improving cash
flow across the board

Getting Started with Process Automation

If you’re ready to talk more about automation in your manufacturing
organization, schedule a free demo. Let’s see what a hybrid
workforce can do for your business


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