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80% of your problems come from 20% of your process.
Let’s fix them all with end-to-end automation solutions.


for Business

The EPSoft Intelligent Automation Platform was designed with business in mind. With low implementation costs, little to no coding, and smart automation tools that are easy to deploy, manage and use, our cloud-native Intelligent Automation Platform is transforming how work gets done.


One Platform
End-to-End Automation


Process Intelligence Learn. Change. Improve.

Process intelligence offers a big-picture view of every step in your business process, along with a deep-dive analysis and easy-to-follow recommendations for how to make it better. Best of all, once automations are running, it is constantly anticipating change. If it detects changes to your process, you are notified so you can make decisions about how to best adjust.


Easy-to-Use Comprehensive Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an excellent tool, but it’s not all you need. Automating a bad process cannot solve any problems and it may cause more. EPSoft’s Intelligent Automation Platform offers all the benefits of RPA along with easy and thoughtful integration, allowing you to focus on improving the process as a whole. And with a full-visibility Command Center, you leverage the power of automation while staying in the driver’s seat.


Simplified Big Data Management

Designed to help businesses easily manage complex data systems, the EPSoft platform helps businesses consolidate disparate systems into a single platform and get operational data in just hours—without coding. Built from the ground-up, our platform helps uncover the best insights within your data, driving intelligent business decisions and a fast ROI.


Conducting the Symphony of the Human and Digital Workforces

With intelligent tools that bring better clarity, performance and productivity, EPSoft helps you simplify every aspect of how work gets done. We call it Bot and Service Orchestration and it ensures that the human workforce, the bots and the integrated systems are all working harmoniously together to grow the business. And best of all, it can all be managed from a centralized easy-to-use platform.


Automating with AI

AI and machine learning bring a new level of understanding and automation to your business process. Learning from your workflows and historical data, AI does the heavy lifting of analysis and insight discovery for you, not only providing the data but also prompting you with ongoing smart recommendations, leaving you in complete control of what happens and when.

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