Integrated Process Management
& Intelligent Automation

Everything you need for end-to-end business process
management and intelligent automation in one
integrative platform.


EZFlow A² - The Ultimate Process Co-Pilot Powered By Conversational AI & Generative AI

With EZFlow A², all you need to do is have a simple conversation with A², and it will work its magic to generate the optimal workflow tailored just for you. Say goodbye to tedious trial and error, and let EZFlow A² automate the creation of your workflows, saving you precious time and effort.

EZFlow by EPSoft: The Intelligent Automation Platform

Built for business users, EZFlow is a single, easy-to-use platform with end-to-end business process management and automation tools. Featuring user-friendly tools for robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation (IA), plus integrative features that work with other RPA providers, EZFlow is the only platform you need for end-to-end process automation.


While some automation platforms have acquired new tech over time, EZFlow was designed as an end-to-end integrative solution from the outset. It's natively built to integrate automations across the entire company, and designed to work seamlessly with complementary technologies.


Scalable Intelligent

Scaling with automation requires thoughtful orchestration of the hybrid workforce. EZFlow's smart approach to governance, data access, security and more keeps everyone connected, giving you the opportunity to scale holistically.


Solve today's challenges and always be prepared for tomorrow's with a solution designed for maximum agility. Start wherever you are in your journey, and optimize from there, continually improving your processes in a way that allows for flexibility as you grow.


Today, process automation is applicable to every part of your business. Shouldn't you choose a platform designed to perform that way?

The key to creating value and maximizing returns with process automation is connecting your automation efforts across a cohesive, organization-wide strategy. Today's business leaders need integrated technologies that eliminate silos and work in a complementary fashion.

Getting Started with EZFlow and Intelligent Automation

No matter where you are in your IA journey, EPSoft will meet you there. Start from the Discover phase and begin with a deep-dive process discovery and analysis. Or, if you’ve already started automations, begin the process where you are currently and go from there.

Regardless of where you begin, EZFlow gives you the opportunity to improve processes with iteration, continually cycling back through the phases as needed—each time with new efficiencies.

EZFlow: Your comprehensive automation solution

Benefits of Intelligent
Automation with EPSoft's EZFlow

  • One platform for end-to-end automation
  • Consolidated management with a single-pane view
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Comprehensive checks and balances
  • Synchronized orchestration of hybrid workforce
  • Drives collaboration and transparency
  • Controlled change management
  • Facilitates center of excellence

Improve Business Process Management with
Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

A Complete Solution
with Clear ROI

No more technical debt limiting
your digital transformation

Single Pane View with
Easy Integrations

Easily manage and integrate all
your automations from the
Command Center

Improved Customer

Know ahead of time how any
business process change will
impact the customer experience

Better Hybrid
Workforce Management

Seamlessly orchestrate your
digital and human workforce

Human In The Loop

Our HITL approach promises full
control over every aspect of
process automation

Accelerated Digital

Bolster business continuity
with agility, making continual
adjustments to accelerate growth

EZFlow Features

  • Automated Process Discovery
  • Process Performance Insights & Recommendations
  • Low to No-code RPA Tools
  • Third-party RPA Integrations and Orchestration
  • Enhanced with OCR, NLG, NLP and other AI
  • Supports modeling notations, including BPMN, DMN, etc.
  • Customized Persona-based Views
  • Comprehensive Change Impact Analysis
  • Value Chain Mapping

The Challenges of Poorly Integrated
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

While early adopters recognized the value of robotic process automation (RPA), many inadvertently designed it to work in silos, making it hard to maintain. RPA tech delivers many benefits, but without thoughtful integration around more comprehensive solutions, these investments become technical debt, limiting your ability to scale with process automation.

Enhance BPM using Robotic Process Automation
Automate success using EPSoft's EZFlow and AI integration.

Integrating IA for Successful Automation

With Intelligent Automation (IA), you gain the ability to incorporate AI like optical character recognition (OCR) and natural language processing (NLP) into your RPA initiatives. And with EZFlow, you can do it all in a centralized platform with extensive automation tech and integration-friendly tools that deliver end-to-end process management and automation solutions.

Intelligent Automation: The EZFlow Difference

image (2)


With EZFlow, you have more control over every facet of your business process. And with data leading the way, you get comprehensive change analysis to make better business decisions for budgets, operations and more.


Business Agility

EZFlow delivers supreme agility to change how and when you need to. When you adapt, you evolve. When you evolve, you grow. Having the power to adapt and change as needed isn't just a convenience — it's essential for today's businesses.


Technical Debt

Technical debt is a vicious cycle of technology investment, delayed success, then more investments to cover the loss. With EZFlow, it’s an integrative approach, delivering new tech that can also work with existing RPA tools to improve processes, reduce debt and improve ROI.

Getting Started

Get started today with a deep-dive analysis of your business process that will
identify bottlenecks, eliminate waste and add significant value to your organization.
Start building your hybrid workforce today.


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