Beat the Odds - Avoid Pitfalls in Automation Projects and Build a Plan for Success

How do you use process intelligence technology to unlock valuable insights? And can you leverage them to build a roadmap for automation wins?

Despite the far-reaching benefits and rapid adoption of robotic process automation, implementation is not always watertight. An “as-is” understanding of existing processes can prove invaluable in effectively transforming them. Here, companies can leverage automated process discovery tools and mine data for crucial details. Such process intelligence helps gain a realistic view of existing workflows and clearly identify the areas that would benefit most from automation implementation.

Also discover how to understand the financial impact of automation choices so as to assure better chances for project success.

  • brenda-bazan

    Brenda Bazan

    Advisor, EPSoft

  • Andrew

    Andrew Leichter

    Chief Technology Officer, EPSoft

Getting Started

Get started today with a deep-dive analysis of your business process that will identify bottlenecks, eliminate waste
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