Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is applicable to all EPSoft employees (permanent/contractual). The Code of Conduct is part of EPSoft strategy and therefore, its compliance is obligatory. Appropriate disciplinary action can and will be taken against those who violate it.

1.Code of Conduct Principles:

1.1 EPSoft’s relationship with external customers and others:

Employees should behave courteously and pay respect to local culture and traditions in a way that sustains these cordial feelings whether, they are meeting in person, talking over the telephone or when in writing or communicating electronically.

1.2 Behavior/attitude towards fellow workers:

Employees must be polite to fellow-workers and respect their dignity. The company is committed to rooting out all forms of discrimination, ill-treatment and harassment of its employees. If an employee comes across an instance of injustice being done to any other person, it is her/his moral duty to report the matter to the concerned Supervisor or Practice Head.

1.3 Compliance with the laws and regulations:

The company is bound to comply with the law of the land thus; all actions should be within the parameters of the laws and regulations. Any action which appears against the laws and regulations, it should be reported to concerned Supervisor/Head of Department/Regional and Area Heads who, if required, can obtain legal advice through HR Department.

1.4 Equal opportunity:

EPSoft is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits discrimination of employees. The company ensures equal recruitment, employment, compensation, development and advancement opportunities for all qualified individuals, and prohibits deliberate discrimination based on categories of race, color, religion, sex (including sexual orientation, or gender identity), national origin, age or disability. If an employee feels these rules are not being adhered to, he/she can seek guidance from the HR Department.

1.5 Confidentiality:

The company’s rates, charging structure, business plans and all information pertaining to financial management, clients, competitors and other contacts is company’s sole property and must be treated with confidentiality. This also applies to the company’s products, different solution concepts, marketing campaigns, JVs, partnerships etc. till they are made public. No hint or information with regard to the above and, for that matter, no other information of sensitive nature, is to be passed on to any organization and/or individual outside EPSoft unless employee has written permission (not for public consumption) from management.

1.6 Financial management and accountability:

Ensuring accurate and complete business and financial records is everyone’s responsibility, not just a role for accounting and finance personnel. Accurate recordkeeping and reporting reflect on the company’s reputation and credibility.

1.7 Protection of company assets:

Utmost care and caution is to be exercised to protect all EPSoft property and assets (tangible/intangible) through appropriate and reasonable precautionary measures. This not only includes ordinary loss or damage but also, from the security point of view, fire and terrorist activities which are far more disastrous.

1.8 I.T., telecommunication equipment & systems:

To ensure safety, security and integrity of computer data, compliance with EPSoft Standards for Information Technology (mentioned below) and its equipment and systems is absolutely necessary.

These standards contain specific instructions such as:

  • Equipment handling and usage
  • Centralized and decentralized data accessibility
  • Data safety, security and integrity
  • Internet and Intranet
  • Electronic mailing systems
  • And respective to specific requirement

1.9 Gifts, entertainment and payments:

While conducting any business transaction, EPSoft employees should not offer nor receive/accept any improper gift/s, entertainment or payments, which may be suspected to be an inducement to gain selfish motive or favor or by way of illegal gratification to/from EPSoft customers and contacts.

1.10 Conflict of interest:

To maintain company’s integrity, it is imperative for employees to keep a watchful eye on the activities of their colleagues and discourage any activities that are in conflict with EPSoft business and its interests. Employees are advised not to take advantage on the basis of their association with EPSoft or the positions they are holding. When an employee makes a decision, he/she must make sure it is in the company’s interest.

1.11 Sexual harassment:

To protect employees from sexual harassment and discrimination, EPSoft adopts the Code as defined in ‘The Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2010’, and ‘The Civil Rights Act of 1964’, which is applicable to all employees of EPSoft. Sexual harassment is a serious matter and is seen as an unsolicited and unwanted verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that offends a reasonable person and interferes with that person’s professional activities and opportunities at the office. Additionally, the victim does not have to be the person harassed but could be anyone affected by the offensive conduct.

Any employee who feels harassed or witnessed harassment is encouraged to seek guidance from the HR Department.

Any employee who engages in such behavior is subject to formal punishment, including dismissal.

1.12 Breach of Code of Conduct:

The breach of this Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action against the employee under the Disciplinary Procedure. However, to ensure transparency, thorough investigations will be made before taking any disciplinary action.

EPSoft’s business partners are expected to adopt and comply with the ethical standards and values set out in this Code. Non-adherence may result in action up to and including termination of the partnership.

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