BPM Live 2020 – EPSoft:
Combining BPM, RPA and AI to achieve Intelligent Process Automation

Are your current process tools (e.g., BPM, Process Mining, RPA) integrated to provide you with a comprehensive view and enable end-to-end automation?

Smart business process automation is not about improving a single business function. Rather it’s using the technology transformatively across the entire portfolio of business processes to drive value and better outcomes.

But of course, there are several challenges that accompany the undertaking especially when you want to focus on business outcomes and not just functional improvements.

This webinar discusses how and why Intelligent Automation (process intelligence, BPM, RPA, & AI) must work concomitantly and continuously together to efficiently transform business processes.

  • Parvathaneni

    Gopal Parvathaneni

    Chairman and CEO, EPSoft Technologies.

  • Andrew

    Andrew Leichter

    Chief Technology Officer, EPSoft Technologies

Getting Started

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