EPSoft Technologies Announces New CSO

Carolyn Treviño Jenkins Named Chief Strategy Officer

DALLAS – November 5, 2020 – EPSoft Technologies, a global software company that creates end-to-end business process automation tools, today announced that Carolyn Treviño Jenkins has been named Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

In this role, Ms. Jenkins will be responsible for guiding the organization’s key performance indicators, ensuring all of EPSoft’s business actions across all departments are positively impacting the organization. She brings with her extensive technology experience and more than 20 years of strategic leadership, serving in prior roles as COO and CEO, as well as a strategic advisor and board contributor for several companies in the tech sector.

Ms. Jenkins’ diverse, award-winning experience includes recognition for her work in human resources as well as customer success. She has dedicated her career to helping SaaS organizations, guiding companies through periods of rapid growth as well as economic downturns, with a track record of developing strategies focused on customer success and retention.

As CSO for EPSoft, Ms. Jenkins says she plans to bring much of the same focus to her new position. “Part of my role will be creating a strategy, of course, ” said Ms. Jenkins. “But more importantly, I am here to see that strategy grow into a fine-tuned execution, driving KPIs and understanding how each one impacts the organization as a whole.”

Additionally, Ms. Jenkins will be responsible for managing customer success and retention at EPSoft, and CEO Gopal Parvathaneni says the new CSO is perfectly suited for the responsibility. “At EPSoft, we are constantly emphasizing the importance of business outcomes,” said Parvathaneni. “Ms. Jenkins’ exceptional experience in both human resources and customer success seemed like a natural fit, and we’re looking very much forward to her strategic leadership.”

Ms. Jenkins holds a Master of Business Administration from The University of Texas at Austin Red McCombs School of Business. She currently serves as a strategic advisor for Biomedical Music Solutions and volunteers at Ronald McDonald House, Central Texas Food Bank, and serves as a mentor and guest speaker for various startup organizations.

About EPSoft Technologies

EPSoft Technologies (www.epsoftinc.com) is a global software company that creates end-to-end business process automation tools. Since 2015, EPSoft has helped organizations drive critical insights for better decision making and deliver optimal performance and productivity through the EPSoft Intelligent Automation Platform. EPSoft is based in Dallas, Texas, with additional locations in Canada and India.

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