EPSoft Technologies Partners With Symco Digital To Bring EZFlow To The United Kingdom

EPSoft and Symco Digital Form Strategic Business Alliance to Deliver Innovative Digital Transformation Solutions and Business Process Automation Tools

DALLAS and LONDON – September 2, 2021 – EPSoft Technologies, creator of end-to-end business process management and intelligent automation platform EZFlow®, and Symco Digital, which delivers tailored digital transformation solutions, today announced that the two companies have entered into a strategic partnership.

The partnership expands EPSoft’s global footprint into Europe, with UK-based Symco Digital currently leveraging EPSoft’s comprehensive EZFlow platform to provide specialist automation consultancy, as well as full intelligent automation solutions for the organization’s growing customer base. “The EZFlow platform enables us to complete our vision and deliver the results we want for our users,” says Symco Co-founder and Director Matt Snell.

Bringing together EPSoft’s leading process automation technology products with Symco’s vision for digital transformation and expertise in integral business change, the new partnership offers Symco’s customers a chance to leverage deep skills in business analytics alongside industry leading technology. “Automation is at the heart of what we do at Symco, but we look at it from a wider perspective—it’s not only about technology integration, but also the business and customer ecosystem,” says Mr. Snell. “In EPSoft, we feel we have found the right partner who shares this vision, and we are excited to bring their powerful automation platform to the UK market.”

EPSoft CEO Mike Magnifico agrees, saying the partnership couldn’t be a better fit. “We were impressed by the demonstrated expertise the Symco team has in automation consulting and digital transformation. It was clear to us that their team’s commitment to quality would be a solid fit for EPSoft, and we couldn’t be more excited about the partnership.”

Vijay Tatineni, Symco’s Director of Engineering and Automation, went on to say that he was particularly looking forward to working collaboratively with an organization that shares their vision for the future of intelligent automation. “Symco sees itself as a challenger brand,” says Mr. Tatineni. “Our organization prides itself on the talent of specialist resources, always working collaboratively in pursuit of shared customer goals. I do feel there is a synergy here with the ethos of EPSoft and their EZFlow platform, which to us represents the future of intelligent automation and something wider than simply RPA.”

Jamileh Elias, EPSoft President of Global Markets, echoed both company representatives, saying she too looked forward to the combination of product and service offerings. “At the end of the day, this partnership comprises two teams of technology experts coming together to provide better products and services for their customers. We are genuinely excited for what’s to come.”

About EPSoft Technologies

EPSoft Technologies (www.epsoftinc.com) is a global software company that creates end-to-end business process automation tools. Since 2015, EPSoft has helped organizations drive critical insights for better decision making and deliver optimal performance and productivity through its intelligent automation platform, EZFlow. EPSoft is based in Dallas, Texas, with additional locations in Canada and India.

About Symco Digital

Symco Digital brings together a close-knit team of dedicated specialists to deliver exciting digital transformations, technical systems integration and intelligent automation solutions. We provide a personal and tailored service, and set in place lean-but-effective governance which meshes with your organisation’s standard practices. Our resources are seasoned specialists and hand-picked associates who have risen to the tops of their fields.

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