ezFlow Case Study

ezFlow Case study

EPSoft Technologies is an Intellectual Powerhouse where Elite Professionals(EP) and cutting-edge technologies together are reinventing customer’s business models and enhancing value. Our solutions use novel techniques, called, EP Hub, that integrate multiple data sources and discover valuable predictive patterns in the context of available data in real-time. At EPSoft Technologies we always thrive to provide solutions that reduce time to market by delivering tangible value to our customers. Most of our engagements are self-sponsored as we bring in the savings within the same financial year helping us become one of the fastest growing Big Data Consulting firm in North America. We are System Integrators for almost all of the major Big Data software distribution companies.







“Reduced operational expenses by offloading mainframe tasks on to Hadoop in Real-time”

One of the fortune 500 company in the financial industry is now in a position to save several million dollars of operational expenses by leveraging Big Data to offload several expensive mainframe tasks thus reducing the operational expenses.

EPSoft was tasked to provide a real-time banking solution for a financial major based out of North America. The esteemed client is spending several million dollars to cater the needs of its customers whose transactions increased folds in last few years with the advancement of smartphone applications. As the transactions increased the capacity requirements of the customer’s legacy application increased drastically causing a huge spike in the operational expense. When we analyzed the applications and the transactions we quickly realized a majority of the transactions are read-only in nature and they are coming from the mobile applications of their customers. EPSoft with the help of internal analysts and administrators quickly created a high-level architecture for the data lake using big data technologies that can offload all the read-only transactions buy brand viagra on to big data in real time thus reducing the overall operational expense of the client. End to end implementation happened in less than 6 months thus increasing the speed to market for the customer while keeping the implementation cost in control.


The key benefits of the solution are:

  • Completely transparent to the end user
  • Saved several million dollars of operational expense managing legacy applications
  • Created additional headroom for the future growth at a fraction of current cost
  • Created new revenue streams
  • Created data repository framework to host all of the customer’s datasets for additional customer insights and analytics
  • Offloaded majority of ETL operations