G2 Names EZFlow by EPSoft a High Performer for RPA, BPM, Rapid and Low-Code Development

EPSoft is very excited to announce that EZFlow has been named a High Performer, Easiest To Do Business With, and Best Support by the G2 Fall 2022 rating in four categories: RPA, BPM, Rapid Application Development, and Low-Code Development.

The ratings represent verified user feedback and other market data, which are used to rank the top players in the respective fields. Since its launch, EZFlow has consistently received excellent reviews, making it a leading candidate for the 2022 grids.

G2 Ranking Approach

G2 categorizes its grids into four distinct quadrants: Leaders are rated highly by G2 users and have a substantial market presence. High Performers are rated highly and have a low market presence. Contenders have relatively lower ratings and high market presence. Finally, Niche products have lower ratings and lower market presence.

We couldn’t be prouder to earn spots in four different grids for the G2 Fall 2022 ratings. Here is a look at the criteria needed to qualify in our categories.

G2 RPA Product Criteria

  • Deploy bots into third-party applications
  • Allow users to build workflows for said bots to follow, via development environments or recording capabilities
  • Automate tasks for employees, both with and without human intervention

G2 Business Process Management Product Criteria

  • Capture business processes
  • Allow the creation of business rule logic
  • Provide tools for monitoring execution performance
  • Give users the ability to automate business processes
  • Have the ability to create forms and other basic interfaces in a digital format or allow for integrations with other tools for the data

G2 Low-Code Development Product Criteria

  • Generate source code as a base for customization
  • Allow developers to customize HTML markup and source code as a primary function
  • Integrate with databases, web services, or APIs to connect data

G2 Rapid Application Development Product Criteria

  • Platforms that cater to Low-Code Development and No-Code Development
  • Platforms designed for Workplace Innovation

How EZFlow Stacks Up

EZFlow is an easy-to-use intelligent automation platform that uncovers process inefficiencies and recommends the best opportunities for automation. Using a single-pane view of all your processes, EZFlow helps users automate end to end. The business-friendly user experience features easy drag-and-drop tools and an intuitive interface that lets users do more with automation—even without a large IT department. And it’s not just easy; it’s scalable. The platform includes tools for RPA and task automation, but it also goes beyond the task level to support the entire process lifecycle—from discovery through automation and ongoing management. EZFlow is also designed to integrate with third-party RPA, providing orchestration and optimization at every step of every process.

In its debut on the G2 grid, EZFlow’s consistently excellent reviews helped secure its placement as a High Performer across all respective categories. G2 verified users report clear benefits with EZFlow in businesses of all sizes—small businesses, mid-market organizations and enterprises—ranging from cost savings to transparency to simplified automation.

Getting Started with Intelligent Automation

Nobody says it better than our users themselves. EPSoft’s EZFlow platform works for businesses of all sizes, helping to bring smart technology to everyday operations. EZFlow has everything you need for end-to-end business process management and intelligent automation in one integrative platform.

Whether you need guidance on getting started with intelligent automation, or need help making automation work harder for you, the experts at EPSoft can help.

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