Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) Use Case: HR Diversity Compliance

The biggest component of human resource management is undoubtedly the human part. Relationships and communication are at the heart of HR management, yet, so much time seems dedicated to screen-based tasks, like checking emails, reading applications, scanning regulatory checklists and more. With diversity and inclusion becoming a spotlight focus for businesses around the world, it’s more important than ever to give HR personnel the time they need to develop these relationships and manage recruitment networks.

Thanks to technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation (IA), HR managers are able to put the human focus back into human resource management.

Common HR Diversity Challenges

While inclusion and diversity initiatives may have nuances and specific tactical approaches that will help drive their adoption, it really comes down to spending more time with one another. But, the more time that HR personnel spend at a desk behind a computer, the less time they have to spend on building relationships and creating collaborative, inclusive solutions.

Intelligent Automation for Human Resource Compliance

Improved Recruitment Marketing

From scheduling and budgeting to posting on social media, process automation can be used to limit the amount of time individuals have to spend posting on sites and coordinating content. RPA can be used to perform tasks like automatically posting content and distributing budget, while IA can be leveraged to help measure efficacy and analyze any data that might be collected from the marketing efforts. RPA can also search multiple systems, tools, portals, and more to provide a list of potential applicants with increased accuracy. Expedite the hiring processes by identifying best-fit candidates faster, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency of the hiring process.

Employee Analysis

Every organization wants to retain top-skilled employees. RPA helps with this, scanning job portals to analyze data from candidate profiles. This also gives the organization the capability of identifying individuals who have a 30 percent likelihood of changing jobs within the next 90 days.

Recruitment Analysis

Following interviews, most of the candidates will not join. Eliminate this time wasting factor with the help of the IAP’s Predictive Analytics, which focuses on five key metrics to help predict the likelihood of a candidate joining.

Elimination of Time-consuming Tasks

Scheduling interviews, completing assessments and sending follow-up emails are all necessary but time-consuming tasks within HR. With intelligent automation, programs can be built to schedule and complete these tasks for you. RPA bots can also automatically screen resumes, extract key elements from candidate profiles, and automatically create a master report of all profiles in preparation for interviews.

Driving Diversity Initiatives

Intelligent automation tools like those found in the EPSoft Intelligent Automation Platform also allow you to audit your existing workflows. Diversity has been proven to deliver numerous company benefits, yet lack of diversity still pervades much of corporate culture. In this way, IA can help with Process Intelligence, illuminating aspects of the workflow that may harbor some unconscious bias. Demographic information may show a concentration of age or race in a given department, while automated surveys can help gauge sentiment.

Performance Management

EPSoft IAP analyzes the individual performance of projects based on the collected data logs within a given project or team. IAP Process Intelligence tool helps improve employee performance management by monitoring and analyzing accurate work information. This can also help an organization identify bottlenecks and improve operational efficiency.

Employee Relations

Track employee grievance requests and send notifications for quicker resolution. Initiate periodic surveys, check for data completion, and build reports for management in order to help facilitate any necessary further actions.

Candidate Ranking

Use RPA bots to shortlist candidates from internal databases, ranking them according to predefined criteria.

Getting Started with Intelligent Automation for Human Resource Diversity Compliance

Intelligent process automation can deliver a number of automated solutions to help HR managers and their teams focus more on the human interaction side of their jobs. What it delivers most of is time, giving HR teams the opportunity to better understand the diversity dynamics of their organizations and make adjustments accordingly.

If you have a specific process in mind, or if perhaps you’re just beginning your RPA and IA journey, the EPSoft team is ready to help. Get in touch any time to schedule a free demo or business consultation.

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