Intelligent Process Automation

Data-driven Decisions
On any given day, hundreds of tasks, decisions and interactions—led by both humans and technology—work to drive an organization forward. Every single one of them is an opportunity to boost operating efficiencies.

Using thoughtful and comprehensive process mining analysis as the foundation, our intelligent process automation solutions empower companies to improve business outcomes and employee satisfaction.


Automating Automation While Maintaining Control

Gaps, inefficiencies, and opportunities are automatically identified by the EPSoft™ platform, but businesses still maintain absolute control, choosing which processes the platform should execute and automate, and which to optimize with human employees.


Getting To The Best Solution Faster

Some areas of business are best served by technology that can deliver perfectly reliable results, over and over again. Others are best served by humans who can deliver thoughtful judgment and critical thinking. EPSoft™ helps businesses tap the peak potential in both, mapping out plans that establish an ideal working dynamic between the human workforce and technology for every business process.


Leveraging A Cross-enterprise Approach

Our process intelligence solutions drive critical efficiencies where they are needed most, while simultaneously considering the impact to the organization as a whole. This big-picture approach helps to eliminate siloes and improve cross-departmental coordination.


Integrated Process Intelligence

Thanks to smart technology that is integrated directly into the platform, EPSoft™ saves considerable time and effort—no additional coding or programs needed—while still improving processes across the board.

Impacting Every Aspect of Business



Improved customer journeys and better, more consistent experiences



Increased job satisfaction and renewed interest in professional skills and performance


Improved operational efficiencies, comprehensive analytics and measurable ROI

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