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Get Ready to Experience the All New EZFlow


Our latest release features two big additions. First, we’ve reimagined the user experience, giving the entire EZFlow® platform a new look and feel, and making it even easier and more intuitive to use. Next, we’ve added a Project Management component, allowing for more control for purpose-driven change.



A well-designed UX not only creates a great experience for all users, it also makes automation accessible across the organization, even for users with little technical knowledge. A great UX makes it easier than ever to elevate human potential.

What changed?

We redesigned the look and feel of EZFlow to have a more modern and simplified interface.

Why was this change made?

In addition to giving the platform an improved look, the new UX also features more intuitive navigation. This improved usability makes the platform easier to use and gives users more opportunities for collaboration and to ultimately deliver meaningful results.

New Project Management

As a key component of governance, project management keeps things organized and running efficiently. It also offers the opportunity for goal alignment. Each task in a process is tied to a goal, and each goal ladders up to the company’s programs and strategic goals.

EZFlow helps drive collaboration, allowing you to get more value faster with each implementation. Work across teams and all your project initiatives with features specifically designed for collaborative project management, like our organized document repository, historical change logs, and a single pane view for visibility.

What changed?

Project Management has been incorporated as a framework from which to implement changes in a given process.

Why was this change made?

Project Management allows the platform to support process changes in a controlled environment. It offers a way to implement top-down strategies with full visibility into all aspects of a given process. Ultimately, Project Management drives control, change and purpose, and provides a clear path for tracking success, goal alignment, and prioritization.

EZFlow Project Management Features & Benefits

  • Easily coordinate stakeholders and automation initiatives
  • Simple structure for process governance
  • Seamless and transparent management across all project phases
  • Simplified prioritization of project initiatives
  • Project can be easily tied to top-level strategic initiatives (programs)
  • Historical logs for transparency
  • Document repository for collaboration
  • Simplified request management with approval and denial workflows
  • Single pane view for easy management
  • Data to help leadership make evidence-based decisions

To learn more about Governance and Project Management, visit epsoftinc.com/governance.

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