New White Paper: Achieving End-To-End Process Automation: A How-To Guide

Robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent process automation (IPA, or sometimes IA), like lots of tech before them, were slated as the next big thing. And by many accounts, they still have the potential to be. But, while businesses have been able to measure some modest gains, sustainability and scalability have proved difficult.

One of the biggest problems is that the technologies entered the market so quickly that rollouts and implementations were often unorganized and lacking in cohesive strategy. So now, while some automations are running, they offer little scalability. Not only that, in some ways, they can add to inefficiencies because they’re not integrated with other technologies.

Our latest white paper discusses the kinds of integrative solutions today’s business leaders, and demonstrates how EZFlow – EPSoft’s  Intelligent Automated Platform (IAP) addresses many of today’s challenges head-on.

Here are some of the topics you’ll find inside.

Understanding the Process Landscape: Learn why understanding the way your process works is critical to improving it, and discover new tools that the IAP delivers to help you do it.

Role Identification: Discover how to assign specific tasks in the workflow to humans and assign others to automation bots. The IAP, specifically built for multiple personas, helps you easily organize workflows and make these assignments, and it does so within a transparent system that streamlines collaboration.

Process Mining: With the IAP, you gain the power of process mining, a deep dig into your workflows to find the best value. The IAP features Process Intelligence to spot problems and opportunities for improvement. Easily see a topline view of all your business processes, see where the workflow slows, where it stops completely, and where it could be otherwise improved.

Business Process Studio: Learn how to design workflows from scratch and redesign existing ones using the smart and easy-to-use tools for business process management in the IAP Business Process Studio.

Automation Engine: Following discovery and design, you’ll need to next begin to set your automations up to go live. With the IAP, you get a head start on this process, as the platform automatically preconfigures any automations for you. With the Automation Engine, you create hybrid workflows (people + automation) and a unified, single-pane view from which to see your business processes in their entirety.

The Control Center: Like any technology implementation, the key to success with intelligent automation lies in how it is managed. Specifically, it matters a great deal how it is integrated with other technology systems. There is an orchestration effort that must be followed through to ensure the technology delivers on its potential, and the Control Center of the IAP does just that.

The Not-So-Final Frontier: While our white paper discusses end-to-end automation as a methodical approach, the path isn’t always linear. And that’s one of the reasons the IAP is such a powerful platform—no matter where you are in your journey, the IAP meets you there. Design your process, or redesign it if you need to, then automate, orchestrate and optimize. Then … do it all over again. This continual cycle of improvement allows you to seek out every last penny of ROI using a smart and highly intuitive business platform.

Plus… Exclusive DO and DON’T tips about process automation for today’s business leaders.

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