Robotic Process Automation

With fast implementation and substantial cost reductions, RPA helps create a happier and higher performing workforce.


By 2020, it’s estimated up to
90% of companies
will use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve their businesses, with near-universal adoption projected for 2023.1


Is your company prepared
to be competitive?

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What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is technology designed to perform automated, repetitive, and predefined business tasks. Often called “bots,” these software programs empower companies to build a digital workforce that improves the human work experience. By eliminating menial work, RPA cultivates creativity, strategy, and human connection.

With fast implementation and substantial cost reductions, RPA helps create a happier and higher performing workforce.

EPSoft’s EZBot® solution allows companies to manage the entire RPA lifecycle using a single cohesive platform. Everyone can easily access and leverage multiple processes from one console, saving time and effort across the board.

Meet Our Bots

Our bots are software programs that perform automated, repetitive, and predefined tasks. (No walking, talking machines here.) Like humans, they can learn and make decisions.

Unlike humans, however, they have the ability to perform with perfect accuracy 24/7/365.

This not only improves precision, but it also frees the human workforce of mundane, tedious tasks and enables staff to instead focus on collaboration and growing the business.



Design Studio

Using drag-and-drop functionality, choose from pre-defined bots to quickly and simply automate any process. No IT assistance required!

Command Center

Easily deploy robots and schedule their work as often as needed using our intelligently designed console.


Track bot performance, refine processes, and measure success with our real-time monitoring dashboard.

Intelligent Process

Leveraging Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

While some processes are as simple as accessing structured data, others are more complex, requiring analysis and management of unstructured data. This is where machine learning and artificial intelligence come into play. This kind of cognitive automation uses techniques like natural language processing (NLP), where the technology actually learns–and in some cases, mimics–human language. This allows a chatbot to perform complex tasks and make appropriate decisions based on available data.

How It Works

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We start with a comprehensive business process analysis using our process mining platform.

- 02


Following our analysis, we identify opportunities to improve efficiencies with automation.

- 03


Using the simple drag-and-drop interface, you implement the bots and put them to work.

- 04


With EZBot® delivering new efficiencies every day, you’ll soon begin to see returns on your investment.

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Ongoing Benefits of RPA

Fast Startup

Implement simply and quickly

Improved Accuracy

Reduced human error

Advanced Quality Control

Improved quality and precision

Boosted Job Satisfaction

Eliminate repetitive menial tasks

Improved Bottom Line

Reduce costs and increase efficiencies

Maximize Workforce Capabilities

Reallocate resources as needed

New Sources of Revenue

Uncover unrealized revenue

Fast Returns

Gain quick and measurable ROI

RPA for your Organization


Bots can be up and running within the week.


Automate any process and simplify business.


Manage countless processes, regardless of complexity.


See returns in less than a year.

Author PhotoCEO, Manufacturing
We were thrilled that we realized a return on investment in less than 60 days.
Author PhotoReceiving Dept
Thanks to EPSoft's Intelligent Automation Platform, I was able to take my first vacation in 8 years. RPA has removed a number of my manual tasks so that I can focus on higher value work.

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