The EPSoft Difference: 3 Things We Bring To The Table

Business technology is at the heart of operations for most modern companies. But, as anyone who’s ever used technology at work knows, there’s so much more to it than simply installing software and hardware. That’s why it’s crucial to get the right advice and expertise in your corner from the outset.

This idea couldn’t ring more true when it comes to process automation. No matter how big your business is, chances are you don’t have a ton of process expertise in-house. And that’s okay! Your business should focus on your business. We help bring light to the rest of it.

At EPSoft, we bring a few things to the table that make us a little different than a traditional tech vendor. We create game-changing technology and deliver transformational data services, but we’re not just here to sell them. We also understand how to apply technology in ways that will be the most meaningful to your business and its future—not only because we’re technology experts but also because we’re business experts.

Here’s how we do it.

1. EZFlow: Innovative all-in-one business process automation technology built for
today’s business user

  • It’s easy to use by design, with drag and drop tools that simplify every aspect of process management.
  • It also features a variety of resources for improving existing processes, designing new ones, and measuring the impact of every change.
  • EZFlow’s single-pane view creates a single place to design and build automation bots and orchestrate all processes across the enterprise.
  • Built from the ground up on a cloud-native tech stack, EZflow delivers simplified, real-time access with easy integrations.

2. Comprehensive business data services

  • Maximize the power of your data and improve your ROI by doing more with it.
  • Our comprehensive data and managed services drive actionable insights, helping you make the most impactful decisions for your business, all backed by your company’s existing data.
  • Our analytical models help uncover insights and actively identify new opportunities for improvement across the enterprise, from fraud detection to churn prediction.
  • Our experts also provide consistent IT management designed to cover all your company’s IT needs under a single service agreement, driving better value with technology.

3. Extensive expertise in technology and business process management

  • Our business process experts understand the pressures of daily operations and know how to tap the right resources to continually improve the status quo.
  • Using EZFlow as the guide and medium for executing our plan, our experts can help you illuminate the best areas for improvement, ensuring you automate segments that will deliver the highest positive impact.
  • We also have a nuanced understanding of business process management and can help tailor the technology implementation to your company’s specific needs.
  • We know that ROI is critical with technology investments. That’s why we help you establish your automation journey in a way that can be measured and constantly improved.

In business (as in life), the right partners can make a real difference in your success. That’s why we look at our engagement as just that: a partnership. We are innovators, and we believe in the power of technology and all the value it delivers. But more than this, we also have extensive business expertise to help ensure you’re making the right moves, measuring the right data and getting the absolute highest ROI you can.

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