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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is technology designed to perform automated, repetitive, and predefined business tasks. Often called “bots,” these software programs empower companies to build a digital workforce that improves the human work experience. By eliminating menial work, RPA cultivates creativity, strategy, and human connection.

With fast implementation and substantial cost reductions, RPA tools help create a happier and higher-performing workforce.

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Scaling RPA for
Digital Transformation

There’s no doubt about it: RPA software is here to stay. But using it to scale your business is no simple matter. For RPA to be transformational, it has to be treated like a key component of the overall business strategy. From increased reliance on emerging technologies to growing demands for remote work, digital transformation is a must for the modern business. And it begins by digitizing and optimizing processes, an area of business primed for improvement with RPA.


Understanding RPA and BPM

BPM, or Business Process Management, is an approach that uses various methods for business process optimization. But RPA and BPM are not competitive opportunities. In fact, they can be complementary. While RPA automates specific tasks within a process, BPM streamlines entire processes within a business.

With RPA, you gain faster outputs with fewer errors from bots that are designed to take over for humans in very specific tasks. With BPM, you gain efficiencies in an entire process. This is where you’ll eliminate bottlenecks and boost productivity by correcting workflows and re-engineering how work gets done.

Learn more about RPA and BPM

At EPSoft, we use technologies like RPA software and other process automation technologies to help companies focus on full-scope business process management. Get a more usable, holistic view of your business processes with insights that are always actionable. With minimal implementation time and fast returns, the EPSoft Intelligent Automation platform leverages the best of RPA and beyond.

Learn more about the EPSoft Intelligent Automation platform

ongoing benefits of rPA

Fast Startup

Implement simply and quickly

Improved Accuracy

Reduced human error, improved precision

Boosted Job Satisfaction

Eliminate repetitive menial tasks

Improved Bottom Line

Reduce costs and increase efficiencies

Maximize Workforce Capabilities

Reallocate resources as needed

Fast Returns

Gain quick and measurable ROI


Meet growing demands without adding headcount

Digital Transformation

Leverage legacy systems for smoother digitization


meet our bots

The EPSoft Intelligent Automation Platform makes RPA accessible and easy for companies to manage themselves—without the need for a large IT staff—thanks to an intuitive interface and drag and drop functionality. Our bots are software programs that perform automated, repetitive, and predefined tasks. (No walking, talking machines here.) Like humans, they can learn and make decisions.

Unlike humans, however, they have the ability to perform with perfect accuracy 24/7/365.

This not only improves precision, but it also frees the human workforce of mundane, tedious tasks and enables staff to instead focus on collaboration and growing the business.

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