6 RPA Predictions for 2020

6 RPA Predictions

If you are like us, as 2019 came to an end, we began the usual schedule rotation of end of year meetings: Marketing benchmark reviews, budget planning, product roadmap planning… all the usual suspects. Sound familiar? 

During these meetings, we typically review the year by drawing attention toward what did and did not work, along with figuring out how to do more with less for the following year. Did you know the Google search term ‘RPA Automation” spiked between September – November last year?  

This leads us to believe that many of you are having conversations about Robotic Process Automation (RPA). If not, consider this: According to Gartner, global market spend for RPA vendors is estimated to hit $7.84 billion in 2020, solidifying it as the world’s fastest-growing segment of enterprise software. There’s no denying the impact RPA will have in 2020, but in what ways?  

We have learned that there are usually two contributing factors enterprise leadership teams look at when considering RPA: the technology industry and an internal need. To help with these conversations, we offer our RPA prediction for 2020. So, dive in and ask yourself this one thing, “How could automation help our business scale in 2020?” 

For the RPA Industry 

  1. RPA ROI will hit a high, thanks to process intelligence: We’ll begin to see a greater ROI in 2020 due to the maturity of the technology. Process Intelligence capabilities are more robust, providing value-based recommendations instantaneously. When gaps within workflows can be analyzed in real-time, implementation is streamlined and more effective, and ultimately impacts the business greater. 
  2. Vendors with natively developed capabilities will have a competitive edge: As a vendor who can provide a solution that gives continuity to the technology, EPSoft™ is ahead of the curve. From the beginning, we set out to create a platform that natively developed every stage within our intelligent automation technology. From data process mining to implementation, bot development and ongoing management, we manage the full lifecycle.  
  3. Implementation will receive the respect that it deserves: Poor implementation was a leading cause of RPA failing in previous years, but 2020 will see a focus on prioritizing the setup of RPA technology resulting in increased success for all. 

For the Enterprise 

  1. Employees will no longer fear “the bots”: Realizing that the automation technology is a friend rather than foe is a prediction we’re particularly excited about. When RPA is embraced by employees, full potential can be utilized through a cooperative and seamless implementation. At EPSoft™, we work to elevate human potential so that employees can be relieved from their repetitive, mundane job tasks in order to focus on strategic, value-adding work. 
  2. The C-Suite will make RPA an integral part of their overall business strategy:  As employee staff realizes the value of automation technology, many executive leadership teams will welcome RPA as one of their key strategies to boost operating efficiencies. By prioritizing workflows and uncovering ways to do more with less, automation is used to fulfill applicable work tasks by delivering consistently reliable results that can be woven into this year’s business strategy. 
  3. Companies will want to expand their RPA initiatives with AI components: For those who have already begun exploring the benefits of RPA within their organizations, expanding on those initial experiments will be their focus for 2020. For these companies, seeing the increase in output has allowed them to think, “what’s next?” With so much data now easily analyzed, now they can begin to deploy intelligent technology to improve areas like customer satisfaction, increased sales and so much more. 

Now that you’ve read through our predictions, did you begin to think about your own company? What areas or teams could benefit from RPA within your organization?  

Fresh off an impressive year of growth for RPA, the stage is set for 2020 to be the biggest year yet. For both the RPA industry as a whole, as well as executive leadership teams looking to scale their productivity in ways they never have before.  We’re here to help. Contact us today to learn how RPA and EPSoft’s Intelligent Automation Platform can drive value within your organization. 

For more information contact one of our RPA experts at: hello@epsoftinc.com 

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