Why RPA: 5 Use Cases for Robotic Process Automation All Business Leaders Should Know


Can you imagine what your organization would be like without technology? Just like the computer helped to revolutionize the speed and efficiency of business, robotic process automation is the next era of technological value impacting business as we know it today.

Often we hear from an enterprise CEO that their staff is at bandwidth, yet they still wish they could see more output from their team. A classic conundrum that deserves a more modern solution – robotic process automation or RPA.

Ok, you have the solution to your problem. Are you ready to implement RPA?

Doubtful because we have only addressed the tip of the iceberg. If all you had to do was say to your staff, “ok, I need you all to increase your output and reduce your human errors….GO!”, you would likely be met with a few deer in the headlights looks and perhaps an eye roll or two. In reality, there’s more depth to the problem and since RPA is aimed at automating a business process, understanding what areas are being held up by tasks that can be taken over by RPA is vital. Yet for many CEOs and even their managing directors, uncovering the repetitive tasks and processes they can improve by deploying RPA stops them dead in their tracks. So we’ve created the list below to help business leaders like yourself feel inspired about all the possibilities RPA has within your organization.

Business Problem 1: “My HR Director says she needs more help managing new employee onboarding.”

How it’s solved with RPA – Whether you’ve got 10 employees or 800 employees, there always seems to be someone coming or going. By freeing up your HR Director from having to manage and organize onboarding or offboarding documents, let RPA bots take over. By deploying consistent communication to employees and making the process more timely, your HR Director can focus on staff recruitment, implementing employee programs and more. Ultimately creating a more satisfying experience for your employees and a more fulfilling work output from the HR Director.

Business Problem 2: “We’re leaving money on the table in collections, but we just can’t keep up with the follow up.”

How it’s solved with RPA – This is a great way to utilize RPA bots because it not only frees time by eliminating follow up from your F & A team, but it can also help you recover millions in uncollected money or catch never invoiced items.

Business Problem 3: “My team has to spend too much time focusing on processing returns when they should be more engaged with our customers.”

How it’s solved with RPA – Eliminate the tedious task of processing returns and leave it to RPA technology. Not only can you enhance the processing time of returns with RPA, but you can increase customer satisfaction by giving your team the time to offer the right solution.. or maybe you want that automated too? Don’t worry, RPA can process returns, while simultaneously providing customers with new product or service suggestions.

Business Problem 4: “My sales team often struggles with putting in new orders and taking too much time trying to figure out how to do it when they need to be out selling more!”

How it’s solved with RPA – This can be solved on several levels using RPA. Not only can we deploy bots to run accuracy checks on any new sales order entered, but we can make the whole process simpler on the front end for sales staff. How would they like to enter a new order in just a few clicks vs. multiple forms to fill out? To top it off, at the end of each day a summary email can be sent to your sales director outlining all new orders entered.

Business Problem 5: “We have far too much manual data collection for our Record to Report making it extremely time consuming, when I need the focus to be on the analysis of the report.”

How it’s solved with RPA – Legacy systems & complexity often prevent a more streamlined data collection process for companies, but RPA can assist in making this step easier for your accounting team. Eliminating the need to extract and aggregate all the data provides your team more time to focus on enhanced ways to put together your R2R and analyze the results.

One great benefit we offer our clients is our Process Mining Platform. We understand that if it was easy to uncover all the nuances of each of your team’s daily tasks, you would have done it already! With the first step in our process, we will uncover some of these business problems and help you identify your biggest areas of opportunity to impact time and money.

We understand the need to make business processes more efficient, ultimately enhancing your current staff headcount. Industries such as healthcare, human resources, logistics and finance have all seen great success through the implementation of RPA, but the use cases in these industries and a variety of others are endless.

If 2020 isn’t the year to modernize your processes, then when will it be?

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