All About Service Orchestration

Anyone who has ever set up a home office can understand the importance of having an organized workspace designed to accommodate technology. Computer wires, printer cords, monitors, laptops, headphones, chargers and more have to be situated in a way that makes sense for your space and allows you to access and use everything you need to effectively and with ease. With the workspace and technology organized, you can properly design your workflows however you need to.

Business technology stacks must also be organized and properly configured for how they’re designed to work. There are a multitude of technologies working in your business right now. Organizing all those efforts in a cohesive strategy is the key to success. We call this orchestration.

What is service orchestration?

For our purposes, service orchestration refers to the coordination of process automation, or business process automation (BPA), human workers, and the systems they use. From legacy systems to the automation platforms and cloud technology, most modern businesses have several layers of their tech stack to coordinate.

What is hyper orchestration?

In addition to BPA, people and systems, hyper orchestration incorporates Robotic Process Automation (RPA). So now, we are talking about the coordination of process automation that includes both BPA and RPA as well as people and systems.

Why is service orchestration important?

To make the most of the varied aspects of your tech stack, coordination becomes key. Not only will orchestration help you run a more effective tech stack, but zooming out to a bird’s eye-view gives you a better opportunity to create thoughtfully designed systems and structures. In this way, infrastructure becomes a driver of not just business outcomes but also scalability and growth.

Hyper orchestration features an integration-first approach, considering how to most effectively integrate technologies and processes in a way that best supports the company as a whole.

Where can I find service orchestration tools?

With EPSoft’s intelligent automation platform, you get all the power of comprehensive hyper orchestration with easy-to-use tools made for business users. The centralized view shows you everything in a single place, and it includes features for integrating third-party RPA providers, ITSM tools and other technologies you may be currently using. And when you’re ready to scale, the platform is here to help, with everything you need for hyper orchestration built right in.

The platform’s service orchestration tools can be used as part of an overarching digital transformation strategy, using process intelligence and BPM to drive deeper insights and end-to-end automated efficiencies. Or, it can be used as a standalone effort for process optimization. In either case, it provides a comprehensive approach to hyper orchestration, allowing you to tap all the potential in your business process with tools made specifically for business users.

Benefits of Service Orchestration and Hyper Orchestration

For business managers, orchestration offers improved visibility into any given process. Thanks to persona dashboards, managers can easily run automations, monitor performance and pinpoint problems early. This window into process-level operations allows managers to streamline decisions and back them up with hard data.

For business users, the EPSoft platform offers easy-to-use tools and a Control Center that provides a home base to manage complex RPA processes with simple, user-friendly features that seamlessly integrate with other technologies.

IT users can also reap the benefits of service orchestration with EPSoft, easily optimizing tech stack performance across the board, from networks to applications and everything in between. Anticipate problems and head them off before they happen, maximizing uptimes and performance.

Getting Started With Service Orchestration

Technology can get a little complicated, but it’s not hard to understand the value of orchestration. It organizes your technology, improves your automations, supports your human workforce and provides a pathway to optimizing your business processes end to end. Have questions? Want to learn more about orchestration and automation? We’re here to help. Schedule a consultation or free demo today.

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