Dallas Tech Startup EPSoft Technologies Expands Intelligent Automation Platform With Cloud Capabilities and a New Name

An aggressive feature rollout over the last two years has helped position EPSoft and its newly named EZFlow platform as a leading choice for end-to-end business process automation

DALLAS – May 20, 2021 – EPSoft Technologies, creator of end-to-end business process management and intelligent automation tools, today announced the rollout of its latest product enhancements, including a new name for its flagship intelligent automation platform.

Officially launching as EZFlow, the enhanced platform is now a cloud-based solution for business users with built-in horizontal scaling. It features tools like process intelligence, visual business process mapping, low and no-code RPA and AI. Designed for hyper orchestration, EZFlow provides everything for managing today’s hybrid workforce in one platform, seamlessly coordinating people and automated tasks. It also easily integrates with other automation technologies, giving business users a single-pane view for simplified management.

EPSoft CSO and Head of the Software Division Carolyn Jenkins says EZFlow is an ideal solution for accelerating digital transformation. “There are so many moving parts to any business process,” says Ms. Jenkins. “Leveraging insights from deep business analytics, the platform helps us understand what’s working, what’s not, and where to make changes. Combining this with the transformative power of real-time business process modeling, EZFlow opens a whole new set of doors for today’s business leaders.”

Andrew CTO Andrew Leichter agreed, and said the platform’s horizontal scaling capabilities help drive initiatives now, while also anticipating growth and providing a pathway for the future. “Horizontal scaling is the backbone of digital transformation,” says Leichter. “And it happens automatically with the EZFlow platform, adding new operating power as needed—instead of buying capacity you don’t always need. In this way, the platform itself becomes a vehicle for growth, allowing teams to grow and build their own initiatives without having to scale IT as well.”

The EZFlow rollout is the latest from EPSoft Technologies, which launched its original platform in 2019. At its inception, the platform combined the company’s offerings of smart RPA tools and Big Data management services. In 2020, the company added process intelligence to the platform’s capabilities, branding it the EPSoft Intelligent Automation Platform, before relaunching as EZFlow with the addition of cloud capabilities this May.

Ms. Jenkins went on to say that the EZFlow platform provides a unique opportunity to bridge the gaps between legacy systems and digital transformation. “EZFlow offers businesses and their boards the best of both worlds,” says Ms. Jenkins. “Leverage all the power of automation with a simplified tech stack that gives you real-time access—plus easy integrations that still allow you to work within legacy systems as long as you need to.”

About EPSoft Technologies

EPSoft Technologies (www.epsoftinc.com) is a global software company that creates end-to-end business process automation tools. Since 2015, EPSoft has helped organizations drive critical insights for better decision making and deliver optimal performance and productivity through its intelligent automation platform. EPSoft is based in Dallas, Texas, with additional locations in Canada and India.

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