What is EPSoft?

EPSoft provides a unique combination of business process expertise, cloud-native automation technology, and comprehensive data services that allow business users...

What is EZFlow?

Built for business users, EZFlow is an easy-to-use platform for improving how work gets done, helping businesses modernize existing processes...

What kind of tools does EZFlow feature?

Process Intelligence EZFlow has built-in process intelligence capabilities. It includes a powerful process mining algorithm to easily expose process bottlenecks...

My company and technology are uniquely structured. Can I still use EZFlow?

Some platforms are ideal for pre-built, out-of-the-box use cases like onboarding or ITSM. Other solutions work well, but are exclusively...

Can multiple teams use EZFlow?

Yes! Built for multiple personas, EZFlow provides built-in features for collaboration, driving better visibility and measurable impact across the organization.

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