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How does EPSoft help clients after implementation?

Everything starts and ends with the customer experience in mind. Our customer support team has proven expertise and demonstrated dedication to client success. Here is how we do it.


We are a group of highly talented subject matter experts with a combination of functional and technical expertise. For the first 90 days post-implementation, our SME team delivers white glove service to ensure a successful implementation.  After 90 days, a secondary group of SMEs works to ensure ongoing success, offering continued support with monthly check-ins or as needed.


Like other cloud provider standards, our availability is between 99.5% and 99.9%, and any disruption should result in an incident report.

 Escalation Management

In the first 90 days post-implementation, escalation includes ongoing conversations with our team, and a detailed, collaborative approach that ensures swift issue resolution. After 90 days, escalation will fall within our support SLAs, which are found in our product support page here: https://www.epsoftinc.com/productsupport/terms


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