Putting Data to Work with Process Intelligence

When it comes to optimizing your business process, process mining can be incredibly illuminating, providing a deep and thorough understanding of how work gets done. It shines a light on not only the known bottlenecks and workflow kinks but also the less obvious underlying issues. But to really get the most value out of an approach like process mining, maximize it with process intelligence and transform how work gets done.

Process Intelligence with EPSoft

With our Intelligent Automation Platform, you get both a 30,000-foot, big-picture view of your business process and a deep-dive analysis with easy-to-follow recommendations. Zoom out. Zoom in. Having access to both allows the most robust approach to optimizing your business process. This is the only way to truly fix the process as a whole. Otherwise, you simply fix part of the workflow.

How Process Intelligence Works

First, you gather all the details about your process using process mining. Then, the platform analyzes the data and maps the information into workflows. From here, it makes heat maps that visually identify problem areas. But it doesn’t just identify the problems–it also identifies which parts will benefit most from automation, using factors like completion time, labor hours, and risk for error to calculate potential financial impact. (No more guesswork!) With the problems identified and automation recommendations provided by the platform, you choose which ones to apply. Apply them all, or pick and choose. The truth is, some tasks are a perfect fit for automated bots, while others are best left to the human workforce. This step ensures that you stay in complete control of what gets done and how, and that you can anticipate the financial impact ahead of time.

Planning for Change and Growth

Perhaps one of the best advantages of process intelligence isn’t just the problems it solves, but also the ones it prevents. No process is static, and bots shouldn’t be either. From regulations and compliance to new technology to global pandemics, change is a permanent fixture on the business landscape. And every change means potential disruption to your business process. That’s why the platform will automatically notify you of changes to the process, ensuring you can always make the adjustments you need to before they become problematic.

Process intelligence taps the peak potential in both humans and technology, creating ideal workflows that combine the best of the best. Ready to learn more? Get in touch for a free demo.
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