How do Process Mining and RPA Drive Business Growth Together?

You’ve probably heard of more businesses deciding to use robotic process automation (RPA) to increase employee satisfaction, enable cost savings, remove human errors, and so on.

If not, we strongly urge you to learn more about our comprehensive and business-friendly RPA tool to see how you can remain competitive.

As RPA progressively becomes more commonly used by companies, readers are becoming more aware that it is used to automate repetitive, mundane work tasks so that employees can spend their time focusing on meaningful work that further drives growth. Now, although this is effective for current business processes, what if a company is automating a process that needs improving? In other words, what if there was a way to search for flaws within your processes, resolve them, and then automate to drive even more growth?  Well, let us introduce you to process mining.

What is Process Mining?

Process Mining utilizes event logs, which gather enterprise data, and process that data into a workflow for visualized monitoring. As this workflow is being monitored, you can run an analysis. By combining both monitoring and analysis, businesses can identify gaps in corporate operations for the purpose of prioritizing efficiency.

If there is an opportunity for improvement in your system, process mining will find it, and will continue to progressively identify deeper levels of the flaw until the gaps in your processes are as close to 0 as possible. In fact, EPSoft was able to help a client uncover $16 million in unrealized revenue from billings never invoiced due to processing errors. Instead of these 16 million dollars being lost, it can now be used toward further driving growth for the business.

Process Mining and RPA Together

Once you’ve identified the gaps within your business processes, you can put your digital workforce (software bots) to work! In doing so, RPA will allow your business to significantly decrease the time required for output. These bots possess the ability to perform with perfect accuracy 24/7/365. Not to mention, there is a reduction in the risk for human error as bots can quickly double-check for missing information to ensure better results.

As the amount of time and human error are diminished, large amounts of money will be saved because not only are bots more cost-effective than employees, but they free employees to spend their costly time focusing on more meaningful work tasks that drive higher profits.  

Worried about how to utilize both process mining and RPA together? We can help. Our enterprise automation platform allows companies to manage the entire RPA lifecycle using a single, easy-to-use platform. To learn more, visit our process intelligence page and schedule a free consultative demo.

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