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Rethink: The Manufacturing Leadership Council Summit

EPSoft Technologies is participating at Rethink, the 16th annual National Association of Manufacturers Manufacturing Leadership Summit. This virtual event promises insights that ensure businesses are prepared to navigate disruption, seize opportunities and advance in manufacturing’s digital era.

This is a great place to interact with the thought leaders in manufacturing’s digital transformation, gain insights into cutting edge technology, evolving leadership strategies, developing trends and innovative solutions that can help businesses remain ahead of competition!

On the agenda are keynotes by industry luminaries, collaborative Think Tank sessions, 1:1 briefing sessions, interactive panel discussions, dynamic networking and more. EPSoft’s C-Suite, in particular, is speaking on how Intelligent Automation can elevate human potential.

For connecting with EPSoft Technologies, the Virtual booth is the place to look out for! Visit the Virtual booth to hear the value proposition and to schedule a free process analysis.


Best Practice Forum: Intelligent Process Automation: How to Reframe Your Business with
Absolute Visibility

2:30 PM EDT
Tuesday, Oct 27, 2020

MLC Moderator:

David Van Engel, Director, Council Development, Manufacturing Leadership Council


Brenda Bazan, President, EPSoft Technologies
Andrew Leichter, CTO, EPSoft Technologies

As companies begin to understand how process automation technologies (process discovery, BPM, RPA, & AI) work as a dynamic, they are discovering that intelligent automation can be greater than the sum of its parts. Any single technology has the power to reframe a business process by improving efficiencies and reducing operating costs. But it’s only when those technologies are properly aligned with business outcomes and work concomitantly and continuously together as part of an overall strategy, that they become transformative. Join this in-depth session to explore and share best practices and front-line business cases on how intelligent automation can help gain absolute visibility into all aspects of the business to deliver optimal performance and productivity. Business case success metrics will include: eliminating $40,000 in monthly costs and uncovering $16M in unrealized revenue: improving time to revenue by 15 days: and reducing processing 40 hours to just 40 seconds!


Birds of a Feather Session: Measuring ROI for Process Automation

12:30 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
Wednesday, Oct 28, 2020


Brenda Bazan, President, EPSoft Technologies
Carolyn Jenkins, Partner & Advisor, EPSoft Technologies

Poorly defined ROI formulas produce short-sighted, undervalued returns for process automation investments. We’ll discuss ROI differently, focusing on customizable metrics and long-term outlooks.


1:1 Briefing Sessions: Learn about Digital Solutions and How Best to Implement Them

Discuss in depth about Digital solutions which are changing the way businesses operate and learn of success stories in implementing them.


Gopal Parvathaneni

Chairman and CEO, EPSoft Technologies

Brenda Bazan

President, EPSoft Technologies

Paul Ondrej

CFO, EPSoft Technologies

Andrew Leichter

CTO, EPSoft Technologies

Jamileh Elias

President of Global Markets, EPSoft Technologies

Katie Oliver

Chief Marketing Officer, EPSoft Technologies

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