Intro to Orchestration

Orchestration is the optimized coordination of people, IT, software, BPA, and RPA in one fully transparent program. With the EZFlow platform, users manage automations across new hybrid workflows and systems. When users and software work together towards common business goals, the benefits compound. In the Orchestration module, users view, analyze, and manage their entire digital workforce, easily integrating any third-party bots from other RPA providers.

Single-Pane Viewing

Built for business users and managers alike, Orchestration gives businesses a single-pane visibility of all their processes.

EZFlow’s Orchestration makes it effortless to manage and synchronize every process from start to finish. Orchestrating at the task level, individuals control design and management for specific tasks all the way through to the process level. User-friendly tools integrate with other technologies across processes, allowing business owners to manage their complex RPA processes from a simple, single-pane view.

Orchestration Offers Businesses

  • Complete Visibility
  • More Control
  • Lowered Overhead
  • Easy Adaptations

Seamless Integration

Through Orchestration, users are able to scale process automations with systems designed for seamless integration—all from one centralized viewpoint.

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