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Intro to Roles and Responsibilities

Instituting key stakeholders ensures a project’s success. Within EZFlow, System Admins can assign users four common roles for business process initiatives: Process Owner, Process Architect, Process Analyst and RPA Developer. Each of these users is responsible for a key area of contribution within the process initiative. Different roles feature different dashboards, providing a unique view with pertinent metrics and performance details according to role.

Process Owner

As the primary project stakeholder, the Process Owner ensures that the goals of the project align with the strategic goals of the company. This person is directly responsible for delivering value outcomes. The Process Owner prioritizes initiatives and makes sure that they correspond with clearly defined expectations. The Process Owner also collaborates with other process participants and is responsible for keeping track of progress (and not expenses). Ultimately, this role evaluates the effectiveness of the change post-completion.

Process Architect

The Process Architect designs changes to the process, oversees project details and is responsible for the project from initiation to completion. This role is responsible for aligning business architecture and IT and owns the process repository. The Process Architect is involved at the process level and possesses a detailed understanding of the project’s specifics.

Process Analyst

The Process Analyst completes tasks assigned by the Process Architect. This person is attentive to all the project’s details and performs process analysis upon request of the Process Owner. The Process Analyst also creates end-to-end design of an organization’s business process with inputs from the Process Owner, identifying problem areas through analysis and implementing solutions for improvement.

RPA Developer

The RPA Developer proposes a customized plan for an RPA strategy and builds the bots to accomplish process automation, as requested by the Process Owner and Process Architect.

EZFlow Makes Project Management Easy

By identifying the key stakeholders, management becomes seamless across all project phases. Through the use of the simple structure, projects can be tied to top-level strategic initiatives and viewed in one single-pane. This data then helps leadership teams make evidence-based decisions, allowing for a smoother and more effective process.

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