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Intro to Programs and Projects

Improving business processes requires collaboration and governance. To effectively manage these efforts, strategic plans must align with organizational goals. In other words, governing the process ensures that every improvement helps reach company goals. This governance or shared vision, is accomplished through programs and projects. Programs are the company’s strategic objectives, which are then facilitated by project management, which is organized and executed by processes.

This structure is critical for proper governance and organized collaboration, and EZFlow helps businesses build it easily and efficiently.

Program and Project Terminology

When it comes to business process management, it’s important to understand the terms program and project. Program is a larger umbrella term that refers to a common goal for multiple projects within a portfolio—these represent your strategic objectives. A program has a longer lifecycle and contains a variety of projects. Programs typically impact assorted processes across the enterprise. A project, on the other hand, represents a smaller segment of a program. Understanding the dynamics of programs and projects is the key to effective management and goal alignment.

Program Project
Longer life cycle Shorter life cycle
Contains multiple projects Contains multiple tasks
Impacts various processes Impacts fewer process

A Value-Led Approach

Aside from keeping things organized and efficient, effective project management offers an opportunity for goal alignment. Every task is tied to a project and every project is tied to a goal, and each of these goals should always ladder up to the organization’s programs and strategic goals.

Data-Based Change

By tying each program and project back to the governance structure within EZFlow, businesses receive a clear trail of data along the way. This new data helps businesses to understand what’s working, what’s not, and where to make improvements.

Getting Started

From aligning project goals with broader strategic initiatives, to assigning roles and mapping out implementations, project management can be a complicated procedure. By utilizing EZFlow, businesses have access to the straightforward and easy processes designed to help.

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