Common Problems with RPA


As the far-reaching benefits of RPA become increasingly well known, the technology is picking up steam. Adoption rates of RPA technology are expected to be near universal soon. Despite its soaring popularity, however, some two-thirds of RPA implementations still end in failure.

While that sounds a bit daunting, EPSoft can help you plan for better implementation and safeguard your RPA investment with our Intelligent Automation Platform. Let’s look at some common reasons RPA fails.

Too much reliance on people to create the process 

When a business process has limited or outdated documentation—or worse, none at all—companies have to rely on people to outline the process as they know it. This can be problematic. For one thing, it relies on human memory, which is not always accurate.

But there is a bigger dynamic at play that can’t be ignored. There is sometimes a sense of fear that RPA technology may replace human work. And while that isn’t necessarily true, this perception is their reality. This type of fear can cause some people to be less detailed and less than forthcoming as they outline the process. No matter how powerful RPA maybe, if it is applied to a fragmented, inaccurate process, it can never live up to its potential.

How EPSoft Helps

With EPSoft, there is no dependency on individual employees to layout the process. Instead, our process intelligence tool scans your systems for event logs so you capture accurate, real-time data. With this raw data in hand, the Automation Intelligence Platform then analyzes the information and maps it into workflows, complete with a heat map to identify the best places for automation.

No plans or consideration for change

There are dozens of reasons a process can change. New compliance requirements, technology changes, and updates, and even corporate events like mergers and acquisitions can predictably disrupt workflows and business processes.

While the human workforce adapts, the bots must then be manually updated. Considering it’s called robotic process automation, this seems pretty counterintuitive, right? Not only that, all the extra work it takes to make these updates reduces the ROI.

How EPSoft Helps

We recognize that change is inevitable. That’s why with the EPSoft Intelligent Automation Platform, our bots are designed to detect changes and variances. They’ll automatically alert you to any change in process and ask if you’d like to adapt the bots’ responsibilities accordingly. You maintain complete control of your process while gaining foresight into the path ahead.

Automating the wrong things

While the fear is rational and even explainable, humans will never be replaced by RPA—we are just too valuable! In every business in every industry, there will always be judgment-based decisions and actions that should be overseen by people.

For example, if a large, unusual payment needs to be processed, in most cases, you’ll want a person to verify and see that transaction through. In other words, just because you can automate something doesn’t mean you should. But that doesn’t stop some from trying anyway. As you can probably imagine, trying to force-fit a technology solution where there should be a human one doesn’t typically go well.

How EPSoft Helps

Using an orchestration model, our Intelligent Automation Platform combines the power of the human and digital workforces so they can harmoniously work together. The bots take over the mundane and monotonous work, executed with perfect precision. This, in turn, frees up people to do more important and fulfilling work, coming back into the process workflow as needed. They are not competing for elements of the process, but rather complementary ones that serve to make the entire organization function better – like a beautiful orchestra.

Everything is organized to allow both human and digital work to flow freely, not only within their own areas of expertise but also in and out of the entire process as a whole. Progress is made seamlessly as different parts contribute to the symphony of work.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a free, 30-minute demo with EPSoft to find out how you can turn these benefits into a reality for your business.

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